Michael Ynoa Rumors

A’s To Sign Michel Inoa

According to John Manuel of Baseball America, the A’s have reached an agreement with 16 year-old Dominican righty Michel Inoa.  He’ll receive a $4.25MM signing bonus, a record for an international amateur (excluding Cuban defectors).  Manuel reports that the Yankees had a tentative deal in place for $2.7MM at one point but agent Adam Katz stepped in and raised the price.

This signing is akin to drafting a top high school player here in the states, only Inoa is younger.  Oakland’s farm system has improved drastically in the last year or so.

Odds and Ends: Chacon, Minaya, Inoa

Nothing major cracking on the hot stove this morning, so we’ll kick it off with odds and ends.

Michel Inoa Ignites Three Team Bidding War

A week ago, we summed up the reports about 16 year-old Dominican righty Michel Inoa.  He’s considered the equivalent of a top ten draft pick here in North America.  It’s only fitting that the bidding could creep past $3MM.

Today, ESPN’s Enrique Rojas has a new update on Inoa.  Rojas says the Rangers and Reds have joined the Athletics in a three-team bidding war for Inoa’s services.  The kid is not interested in a big league deal.  As the bonus amount rises, many teams are bowing out (all 30 teams have evaluated him).  The international signing period begins on July 2nd.

Baseball America has a slightly different take on Inoa.  They say the Yankees are still in it, but the A’s are the frontrunner.  His bonus will be "at least $4 million."

A’s Targeting Michel Inoa

Peter Gammons mentioned earlier that signing 16 year-old righty Michel Inoa "would be the equivalent of signing a top 10 draft pick."  A’s GM Billy Beane is back in the Dominican Republic as he continues his pursuit.  It’s been suggested that the A’s might offer a $4MM bonus.  Baseball America’s Ben Badler recently noted that the record for an international amateur signing was Wily Mo Pena‘s $2.44MM in ’99, excluding Cuban defectors.

According to ESPN’s Enrique Rojas on June 12th, all 30 teams have evaluated Inoa.  Aside from Beane, Brian Cashman and Kevin Towers have come to the D.R. to see the crown jewel in person.  Signings can begin on July 2nd.

Odds and Ends: Viciedo, Broussard, Rincon, Threets

Time to round ’em up.

  • The A’s are leading the charge for international free agent pitcher Michael Inoa; they could offer him $4MM.  All teams have scouted him.
  • MLB.com’s Jim Molony names the Astros, Yankees, Cardinals, Angels, Mets, and Pirates as teams considering Cuban defector Dayan Viciedo (assuming he becomes a free agent).
  • The Orioles would like to sign Ben Broussard, if he’ll accept a minor league assignment.  Broussard if mulling his options and should sign within 24 hours.  He could step in if the Orioles trade Kevin Millar.
  • Jeff Weaver has been released by the Brewers.  Weaver’s lost it; he has a 6.22 ERA in nine Triple A starts.
  • The Twins have asked Juan Rincon to accept a minor league assignment.  If he refuses, the Twins will be on the hook for his salary and he’ll become a free agent.  Rincon’s last decent year was 2006.
  • No team was willing to keep lefty reliever Erick Threets in the Majors.  He cleared waivers and will head to Triple A as a member of the Giants organization.
  • Andy Pettitte wouldn’t commit, but admitted it’d be a "joy and an honor" to pitch at the new Yankee Stadium next year.
  • Tigers backup catcher Vance Wilson may retire after a setback in his elbow recovery.

Stark’s Latest: Zito, Anthony Reyes, Varitek, Inoa

ESPN’s Jayson Stark has been working the phones, and the result is his latest Rumblings and Grumblings column.

  • Stark talked to an official from a "pitching-starved" team.  This person said the Giants would have to eat at least $80MM of Barry Zito‘s remaining $112.5MM if they want to trade him.  One scout suggested Zito’s only chance at revival is a reunion with Rick Peterson.
  • The Cards’ Anthony Reyes is "eminently available."  Problem is, John Mozeliak has a high asking price for the 26 year-old hurler.
  • Edwin Jackson remains a hot commodity, but there’s no reason for the Rays to move him.
  • How much will Scott Boras want from the Red Sox for a Jason Varitek extension?  If it’s in the Jorge Posada four-year, $52MM neighborhood, there’s no chance.
  • Stark informs us of a highly sought-after 16 year-old Dominican pitcher named Michel Inoa.  The kid could get a signing bonus north of $1.5MM.  The Astros are one club interested in Inoa.