Todd Williams Rumors

Jorge Sosa For Todd Williams?

Kevin Davidoff of Newsday has rumor of a small trade that has been discussed.  In March, the Mets and Orioles discussed swapping Jorge Sosa for Todd Williams.  However, there’s been nothing going on recently.

The Mets picked up Sosa this winter for $1.25MM to add some pitching depth.  I imagine more teams will start calling about the 29 year-old Sosa, noticing he’s thrown 13 scoreless innings in Triple A.

Williams is earning $775K from the O’s. The 36 year-old has only made two appearances, and has two scoreless innings under his belt

Oliver Perez Meltdown

Tuesday’s nuclear meltdown of Oliver Perez in Shea Stadium has an important potential impact on the NL East as the Mets are counting on Perez to hold down the fort till Pedro’s bionic arm heals. Perez is nursing the uneven balance between an ace’s arm and a George McFly mind that has inspired many in the business to toss in their two cents. Perez’s talent has been the lost pirate treasure for many the gold thirsty pitching coach and columnist, each with their own interpretation of the treasure map. After Tuesday’s multi walk extravaganza, the theories were bountiful even if the reward wasn’t.

Koosman: “He was simply trying to aim the ball, instead of throwing it. When you try aiming it, you’ll lose velocity. He threw 94 and went down to 87 with his fastball. When I got into trouble like that I just threw harder and it helped.”

Darling noticed his arm was slightly lower in his delivery, like he was almost throwing side arm. It’s just a matter of him locking down his mechanics and getting into the habit of pitching the "right" way. They also mentioned Rick Peterson had him pitch over and over in side sessions, literally stopping him if he gets into his old routine.

Other Mets tidbits:

  • Toasted Joe’s came up with the greatest nickname ever for Ambiorix Burgos. The fans in Kansas City should appreciate the “Amburglar”.
  • If you haven’t read the Jose Valentin Experience you’re missing out. This has helped make “’stache” a cult hero in New York. Employees of the Ground Round salute you Jose!
  • The Mets are looking at Todd Williams as a possible salary dump pickup.

By Nik Kolidas

Rockies Offer Kim To Orioles

Ken Rosenthal’s recent column is chock full o’ rumors as usual.  The highlights:

  • The Rockies offered Byung-Hyun Kim to the Orioles for reliever Todd Williams but were turned down.  The O’s may yet work out a deal with the Mets for Williams.  Kim, meanwhile, may end up a bargain for some team if the price is that low.  Really, he’s better than most teams’ fifth starters.
  • Rosenthal agrees with most that Carlos Zambrano will sign with the Cubs by Opening Day.  However, a couple of other big-name free-agent starters to be probably will hit the market.  Jason Jennings and Jake Westbrook are two of the younger members of the ’08 free agent starter classMark Buehrle, Joe Kennedy, Kyle Lohse, and Kim will all be under 30 as well.

Mets Interested In Todd Williams

Excitement!  The Mets have "mild interest" in 36 year-old Orioles reliever Todd Williams.

Williams has been around the block – the Orioles are his ninth organization.  He doesn’t miss bats at all, but he can come in and get you a groundball in a pinch.  He’s making $775K, and would likely see a diminshed role in 2007 with all the relievers the O’s imported. 

The Mets’ need was brought about by the discovery that Duaner Sanchez will likely miss most of the season.  The bullpen was supposed to be a strength; the expectation was that it could compensate if the back of the rotation is lackluster.