Tony Clark Rumors

Tony Clark Won’t Be Back With D’Backs’s Steve Gilbert talked to free agent first baseman Tony Clark recently, learning that the Diamondbacks have pulled their two-year offer to him off the table in light of their recent moves.

The acquisition of Chris Burke eliminated the bench spot that might’ve gone to Clark.  While a few teams mentioned the idea of a full-time role, Clark hasn’t received other concrete offers.

The Rangers have acquired Ben Broussard, so they’re probably out on Clark.  The Rays will get their leadership from Cliff Floyd.  The Twins probably don’t have room for Clark anymore.  The Dodgers may still have their eye on him, but beyond that his opportunities are shrinking fast.

Rangers Rumors: Patterson, Bradley, Bay

T.R. Sullivan recently filed his Rangers report at

  • The Rangers will meet with Scott Boras soon to talk about Eric Gagne.
  • Another topic for the Boras conversation: Corey Patterson.
  • The Rangers like Milton Bradley, and have asked for his medical reports.  Bradley’s agent said a few days ago that he would be ready for Opening Day.
  • The Bucs’ asking prices for Jason Bay and Nate McLouth were deemed too high – Eric Hurley and Elvis Andrus were suggested.
  • External first base options: Mike Lamb, Tony Clark, and Ben Broussard.

Odds and Ends: Guillen, Patterson, Clark, Andruw

Let’s keep things rolling along with a morning Odds and Ends collection.

  • U.S.S. Mariner is not amused with the Ms’ decision not to offer arbitration to Jose Guillen.
  • Andruw Jones hasn’t been getting much player, and his camp initiated contact with the Royals yesterday. The mutual interest may have been what pushed Guillen to sign.
  • With the David Riske to Milwaukee signing not official, the Orioles apparently had talks with his agent yesterday.  He’ll be too pricey for them, anyway.  By the way, the Cubs checked in on Brian Roberts, but nothing is really stirring right now on that front.
  • Corey Patterson seems a little down, as he’s no one’s first choice in center field.  The Orioles are apparently moving on.  Patterson wouldn’t say whether he’d take a one-year deal.  As a Scott Boras client, I imagine he won’t.
  • Summing up the Rockies’ external second base candidates: Chris Burke, Marcus Giles, and Mark Loretta. The agents for both Giles and Loretta have contacted the Rockies, and Loretta would play there at a discount.
  • Evan Grant has his Rangers column up, but we already hit upon most of the points yesterday (he was the source then, too).  One new note is that the Rangers don’t want to give Tony Clark anything more than one year plus an option, while Clark wants a two-year deal.  The Rays, Dodgers, and Twins are said to like Clark.

Odds and Ends: Colon, Clark, Gagne

Random rumors, let’s round ‘em up.

Odds and Ends: Riske, Bedard, Wolf

And now for your daily jumble o’ rumors.  More to come.

Odds and Ends: Glavine, Rowand, A-Rod Clark, LoDuca

Hi. I’m Joe. Tim is busy today, so I’ll be filling in. You can send any tips right to my email. So onto a few morning tidbits.

  • Dave O’Brien of the Atlanta Journal Constitution hears that the Braves are "close" to a deal with

    Tom Glavine. His agent, Gregg Clifton, thinks "it’s a good possibility" that a deal gets done today.

  • Aaron Rowand’s agent Craig Landis says that the "interest is definitely mutual" between his client and the Dodgers.
  • Since I run a Yankees site, I suppose I can’t finish an odds and ends post without a mention of Alex Rodriguez. Ed Price of the Star Ledger says that the soon-to-be MVP’s deal is "intricate," and that we shouldn’t expect a deal until "perhaps after Thanksgiving."
  • The Twins are said to be interested in Tony Clark. Not quire sure adding another low-OBP bad in addition to Craig Monroe is very smart here. Plus, this would make Clark the de-facto DH, and we know he’s looking for a starting gig.
  • Mike Puma of the New York Post speculates that recently displaced Paul LoDuca could swap with Yorvit Torrealba and catch on as the Rockies’ starter for 2008.

Joe Pawlikowski is a co-author of River Ave. Blues, a New York Yankees blog.

Odds and Ends: Kuroda, Hunter, Crede

What’d I miss recently?  Here are some odds and ends.

  • The Tigers have expressed interest in Hiroki Kuroda.  They join the Phillies, Mariners, Dodgers, Royals, Rangers, Cubs, and Mets in that pursuit.
  • 10 teams are interested in Aaron Rowand!  That’s almost 1/3 of all baseball teams!
  • Torii Hunter is after a seven-year deal.  Most feel he’s saying that because he wants six.  Clever!
  • The Twins are taking a look at Tony Clark as a cheap DH option.  He’s supposedly looking for something like two years, $4MM and more playing time.  This would be a very Twins-like signing. 
  • T.R. Sullivan has a Rangers update.  Apparently Jon Daniels is checking in on big names like Johan Santana, Erik Bedard, and Miguel Cabrera.  More realistically Daniels may go out to Japan for players such as Kosuke Fukudome and Hiroki Kuroda (we knew that already).  We also knew the Rangers had Kerry Wood and Eric Gagne on their radar.  Sullivan speculates that Scott Linebrink and LaTroy Hawkins could also be in the mix.
  • Barry Rozner expects Joe Crede to be traded. It seems like Crede is a Plan B or C for a lot of teams and Kenny Williams may have to wait til a few dominoes fall first. 

Rosenthal’s Latest: Cordero, Livan, Jenkins

Somehow, I missed a Ken Rosenthal column.  This thing is already 14 hours old.  I’m slipping.

  • A Mystery Team has already made a four-year offer to Francisco Cordero.  We know the Brewers made an offer on Monday but Rosenthal may be referring to another club.
  • Rosenthal suggests Scott Linebrink could be reunited with Bruce Bochy to become the Giants’ closer.  It’s known that the Astros already have an offer out to Linebrink.
  • Teams interested in Geoff Jenkins: the Cubs, Padres, Giants, Rangers, and Royals.  Several of those are new to me.
  • The Tigers’ payroll is expected to exceed $115MM.  Time to head over to Cot’s and do some math.  By my count the Tigers are around $105MM right now (includes some arbitration guesses).  That leaves room for one starting pitcher signing, be it Kenny Rogers, Carlos Silva, or whoever.
  • The Cardinals, Astros, and Mets have their eye on Livan Hernandez.  Mets’ management is divided on signing him, since he’s a back-rotation guy.
  • Rosenthal believes the Reds could shop Joey Votto or Josh Hamilton a year from now in hopes of acquiring starting pitching.
  • Tony Clark is gaining in popularity as a cheap power source.  He might be looking at two years, $4MM plus more playing time.

Odds and Ends: Clark, Izturis, Clemens

First day for teams to negotiate with free agents, always a good time.  Here are today’s odds and ends.

  • Jeff Blair notes that one athlete may still be better paid than Alex Rodriguez: Kimi Raikkonen, a Formula One driver, earns $51MM per year.  No need to debate on whether race car drivers should be considered athletes, I just thought it was interesting.
  • The D’Backs don’t figure to spend much on free agents, because they’re a smart team. Tony Clark wants two years, $4MM, and the team is thinking it over.
  • The Bucs will probably hold onto Jack Wilson this winter, as they’re cutting Cesar Izturis loose rather than pay him $5.45MM.  The Cardinals have interest in Izturis, by the way.
  • Confirming what we already knew: the Yankees will pursue Mike Lowell and Johan Santana.
  • Marty York has a source saying the Blue Jays might pursue Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte.  Say what?
  • Doug Melvin isn’t planning on moving Rookie of the Year Ryan Braun from third base unless the Brewers acquire another "legitimate, bona fide third baseman."
  • Mark Gonzales notes that the White Sox tried to acquire Scott Linebrink and Octavio Dotel in 2006, implying that Kenny Williams might go after one of them now.  Linebrink is going to be a costly sign, as he’s a Type A and I imagine the Brewers will offer him arbitration.
  • Scott Gregor places odds on various center field possibilities for the White Sox.  He thinks they have a decent chance of trading for Coco Crisp.

Latest D’Backs Rumors: Bonderman, Ervin Santana

Nick Piecoro has the scoop regarding all things Diamondbacks.  Let’s dive in.

  • It had slipped my mind that the D’Backs don’t do incentive-laden contracts when I suggested they’d sign Randy Wolf. Bad prediction on my part.
  • The team’s best trade chip: outfielder Carlos Gonzalez.  The 22 year-old hit .286/.330/.476 in Double A last year, and has star potential.  Kevin Goldstein recently ranked Gonzalez third among corner outfield prospects behind Travis Snider and Chris Marrero.  Gonzalez could bring a coveted starter in a trade.  Carlos Quentin is also talked about as a trade candidate, but he needs to get healthy and hit a little first.
  • Conor Jackson is also a trade candidate, more so if the D’Backs can sign Tony Clark.  They’re thinking something close to the two years, $3.25 Matt Stairs received.  Meanwhile Clark’s agent is thinking he could get a near full-time role elsewhere.
  • Piecoro brings up the intriguing idea of shopping Jose Valverde.  He’s getting pricey soon, and could be at peak value.  I like it.  A safer trade option from the team’s strong pen is Juan Cruz.
  • All these great young players to trade, but who to target?  Piecoro tantalizes by telling us Ervin Santana and even Jeremy Bonderman are in the D’Backs’ sights.  Santana is known to be available for a bat.  Bonderman would be attractive to many teams if not for his late-season elbow woes.  He’s signed through 2010.
  • I could see the A’s poking their head in on all of this, with Joe Blanton and even Dan Haren to offer.