Yonder Alonso Rumors

Draft Roundup: Matusz, Alonso, Hosmer

Let’s round up some links concerning the unsigned ’08 draft picks.

  • The Orioles haven’t made much progress with Brian Matusz, but they haven’t gone backward either.  His agent seems cautiously optimistic.
  • Reds top pick Yonder Alonso told the Miami Herald there’s a 50-50 chance he doesn’t sign and goes back to college.  One of Alonso’s "advisors" said the Reds and Alonso were way off on figures.
  • Sam Mellinger says some think Royals top pick Eric Hosmer might be willing to try college.  Hosmer is advised by Scott Boras. Mellinger considers fourth round pick/first round talent Tim Melville the Royals’ backup plan.  Ideally, they’ll sign both high-ceiling talents.
  • How much of this is just posturing?  We’ll know on August 16th.

Draft Roundup: Kelly, Scheppers, Inoa

Some draft notes for the morning…

Draft Day Roundup

The draft is just four hours away.  We’ll be live-blogging it here at MLBTR.  Here are today’s draft links.

Mayo’s Latest: Alvarez, Orioles, Cashner

MLB.com’s Jonathan Mayo has some draft tidbits tonight.

  • The idea has been floated that the Rays could draft Pedro Alvarez with an eye on moving Evan Longoria to second base down the road.  Alvarez’s position really shouldn’t be a concern – Carlos Pena might be gone by the time he’s ready.  Mayo’s heard buzz that the Rays have narrowed it down to Alvarez or Buster Posey, despite what Tim Beckham‘s dad said.
  • Standard speculation is that the O’s are looking at Brian Matusz and Justin Smoak, but Mayo’s heard there might be a non-Beckham dark horse.
  • The White Sox have Smoak, Yonder Alonso, and perhaps Andrew Cashner on their radar at #8.

Odds and Ends: Hosmer, Fossum, Garza

Some random tidbits for today…

  • USA Today has an in-depth look at high school first baseman Eric Hosmer, who will likely be advised by Scott Boras.  He’s a likely top-ten pick this June unless his asking price causes him to drop.  Baseball America looks at another first-round first baseman, Yonder AlonsoHere’s a reminder of which teams pick when.
  • The Tigers inked oft-injured pitcher Casey Fossum, who is not likely to help them at the big league level this year.
  • Rays Index wonders whether the Rays might seek compensation from the Twins for Matt Garza‘s injury.