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Cleveland Courting Paul Byrd

Although sources have indicated the Orioles' strong likelihood of signing Paul Byrd, it seems that the pitcher is visiting Mark Shapiro in Cleveland today. 

I was directed by an emailer to this thread on Scout.com a few minutes ago.  As a commenter mentions, putting B.J. Ryan's name in lights didn't exactly seal the deal.  Regardless, the Indians' interest is for real.  Byrd has looked solid pitching against current White Sox players, for what that's worth.

Thanks to Eamon M.


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My sources also say that Cleveland is after Byrd. My sources are never wrong. Someone high up has informed me that Byrd really likes that bullpen, even without Howry. Watch this one closely.

Sanjay, you got some sweet sources I think.

This is will be an important pickup. I hope they can seal the deal on him and let Elarton and Millwood go so they can invest their money elsewhere.

I'm hoping to see Sowers or David on the bottom of that rotation because it's about time CC gets it together.

Any word on them and Giles? I keep hearing to give Blake a second chance because he had personal problems this year.

Giles was offered 5/55 from Toronto, haven't heard of any offer from the Tribe.

Well, screw that then. No way they're giving him 5 years when they have a DH that can't play any other position anyway.

It'd be nice seeing him in Toronto regardless. But I heard he was leaning towards LA.

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