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Barry Zito To The Mets

Just heard from my Mets source, who's out at Shea (not in Dallas).  The Mets are apparently very interested in Barry Zito.  Here are the details.

The Barry Zito deal is contingent on the Mets shedding Kris Benson first.  The Mets want Mike MacDougal and a prospect for Benson, while the Royals only want to give Jeremy Affeldt.  It's not likely the Mets acquire both relievers.

The Mets have talked to the A's about Zito, and Lastings Milledge will be included in any deal.  Aaron Heilman is a possibility.  My source is saying that the Mets will make the trade without an extension done, as long as there's an understanding that it will happen.  This gels with what Matthew Cerrone mentioned at MetsBlog today, that Zito would consider signing an extension.  My source expects Zito to be moved by the weekend, assuming Benson gets done quickly. 

My source's info does not gel with what Peter Gammons told writer Joel Lipsky this morning at a Dallas gym.  Gammons apparently said that if the A's are to move Zito, "they must get a number three starter, at least, in return.  Preferably a lefty."  Given that Zito is a number three starter, I don't see what team is going to meet that request.

UPDATE: My source is now telling me that the Mets weren't offering enough for Zito.  Omar stood fast, and Beane will continue to wait for that offer he can't refuse.  Also, look for Kaz Matsui to be dealt within the next couple of days, with the Mets possibly eating half his salary.


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Miguel Batista is # 3 starter. Halliday, Burnett & Zito...oh my.

Interesting. If a Zito deal goes down (or even if it doesn't I guess) will it come down to either Zambrano or Trachsel moving to the pen? Mets.com has Zambrano in the bullpen per their depth chart page, but I wasn't sure if you or anybody had new info on that (these Mets rumors move too quickly for me to keep up).

I agree with you assessment of Zito as a number 3, albeit he'd be a very good 3. Pedro followed up by Glavine/Zito would be a tough top 3 anyway you order the last two guys. Where would Heilman (if included in a Zito deal) fit in with Oakland? Think they see him as a starter or reliever? I'm inclined to think Billy Beane would maximize his worth by at leasts starting the year with Heilman in the rotation, but maybe that'll depend on what he does with Joe Kennedy, Juan Cruz, and Kirk Saarloos.

So much to talk about this time of year, no?

How many teams can you name where Zito wouldn't be their 2nd best starter?

Barry's gonna be sporting the Red and White candystripes come April.

Dayn Perry assesses Zito's value, perceived and real, better than I could.


I think if Heilman stays, he's in the pen. Beane would probably start him though.

How about Cano and Wang for Zito?

C'mon. Those two are better than any of the Mets youngsters!

Heilman's better than Wang and Milledge is better than Cano.

Also, the Yankees couldn't sign Zito long term if they ever got him.

There is a slim to none chance that Zito ends up a Met....oh, and slim is out of town.... no way that happens!!! Zito is a west coast guy and wont sign anywhere else after 2006.

Heilman's better than Wang and Milledge is better than Cano.

No he isn't! We killed him last year.

Milledge is in AA. Cano performed in the MAJORS.

Besides, Reyes and Wright are horribly overrated. They couldn't lick A-Rod and Jeter's feet.

And we got 20M a year to throw at Zito. We'll see where he goes. To us or the MUTTS?

Cano is wack i'm so sure he's better than Milledge...if Milledge suck why does every team want him even the Red Sox For MANNY!!!...Hello know your baseball and talk...Dumma$$
and you telling me Reyes is over rated and deter is not O K...A-Rod is respect him...but Wright he's not.. over rated at all...you just have to wait and see what he could do....As for Heilman are you kidding me wait till next season...Wang is gonna get wacked...Heilman could be a starter and go to the ballpen..tell wang to do that...and heilman could hold up lefties....As i said before know you baseball.....Dumma$$

But we'll get Zito, losers!

A-rod was that they guy who did shit in the playoffs.


A-Rod is Mickey Mantle on steroids. E-Rod smokes blunts, plays poker and votes for Hilary Clinton.

ANd the Yankees still have Bubba Crosby in CF. lol

I don't see what voting for hillary clinton has to do with the fact that A-rod sucks in the playoffs.

And for all your MUTTS hype, we still have a better infield.

You wish you had Cano. I heard they rejected Wright for Cano! We have A-Rod, who needs that NO GLOVE 3B?

Hilary sucks and E-Rod sucks.

A-Rod is the MVP. E-Rod hits into DP's in crucial situations.

We'll see how the MUTTS superstar David Wright does in the same situation. Let's see HIM win an MVP making 30 errors a year.

HAHAH! Maybe Jeter should teach Reyes how to take a pitch. All he does is hack at the ball like Ray Charles.

all i have to say is that..Wait till next season starts wait till and see...Dumma$$'s...

all i have to say is that..Wait till next season starts wait till and see...Dumma$$'s...

Good old Yanks-Mets conversations. Wright and Reyes are not overrated. They are young, solid players with a very bright future. I'm going to leave it at that. Anyway, if this Benson deal falls apart, it'll be quite a blow because you have to take whatever you can get for him.

Your source is my ass!

The Yankees are too old, most teams use anti-inflamatiories where the Yanks have Hair Club for men.

The Mets are looking really good on paper right now, but we will see how many of them underplay. (Beltran anyone?)

I see all the MLB.com forum clowns have decided to post.

I see all the MLB.com forum clowns have decided to post.

Yeah, well, A-Rod was a better player at 20 than David Wright will EVER be.

I'll leave it at that.

Also, Beltran is a horribly overrated player.

I bet Crosby is his equal in the field... for $300K!


I feel my IQ dropping while reading your comments.

YankeeFan, have you ever watched a baseball game??? Your comments are some of the most retarted comments I have EVER HEARD MY ENTIRE LIFT!!!

Mets fans know what I mean when I say this, TYPICAL. This is nothing new, right guys? lol

Too bad we almost got Miguel Cabrera for Cano and Wang!

The MUTTS wouldn't have a chance in hell of getting him!

fuk crankes

Almost got Cabrera? What an accomplishment. We set our sights on Delgado and Lo Duca and ACTUALLY GOT THEM. I feel for you guys, I really do.

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