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Cards Interested In Braden Looper

Word on the street is that the Cardinals plan on making a run at Braden Looper this week to add some depth to their bullpen. 

Looper had a lost '05 - his HR rate shot up, his lost his 2004 gains in control, and his K rate plummeted.  He lost his closer's title in September and was an the operating table the following month (shoulder surgery).  With the AC joint arthritis cleaned up, it's worth a million bucks on the Cards' part to see if he can return to 2004 levels in a setup role.

The Cardinals are also poking their head around to see how much Octavio Dotel is asking for.  Dotel may not be ready til midseason, but many Cardinal fans think they'll have the division locked up by then anyway.

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Why are the Cardinals going after so many unknowns at this stage? I know there isn't much on the market, but taking a chance on these two guys who are notoriously inconsistent is not the brightest thing to do for a bullpen that struggled down the stretch last year.

Throw Burnett in the picture and things get very hairy. There will be so many questions surrounding the year it will start to look more like Jepardy than a baseball team.

Nothing wrong with stockpiling cheap arms that have potential. Plus the Cards have had success with this sort of thing (Carpenter, Eldred, others I'm forgetting).

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