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Choi Would Be Good Fit For D-Rays

Hee Seop Choi, a remnant of the DePodesta Administration, is a lame duck at first base for the Dodgers.  The club has nowhere to play Choi and no desire to keep him around.  Where could the Korean 1B end up this winter?

The Athletics figure to split time at first base between Nick Swisher and mostly Dan Johnson.  However, one of them could play DH and the starting job could be handed to Choi.  Bargain players with something to prove are right up Billy Beane's alley, as evidenced by the Milton Bradley trade.

Choi would also fit nicely in the low pressure environment of Tampa Bay.  If Travis Lee doesn't accept arbitration with the D-Rays, they could plug Choi in and give him at least 400 ABs at first.  Choi's prospect window is closing after 363 Major League games, but he's never gotten more than 320 at-bats in a season.  It would be a low-risk, high-reward move similar to the Sean Burroughs trade.


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Either Tampa or Oakland would be a great fit for Choi. Choi will only be 27 in March. Everyone says he'll never pan out, but he's never been given the full opportunity. Choi plays a quality defensive 1B, and his offense is only going to come around. He has the power and plate discipline, he just needs to keep his bat more consistant.

For his career, he has a .109 OBP-AVG differential. Which is just astonishing. If one takes his 2005 line and average it over 600 AB, Choi comes up with 30 doubles, 30 hrs, 80 rbi, .260 avg, .340 obp, .450 slg, .790 ops.

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