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Miguel Tejada Trade: Update

Some more quality details on the possible Miguel Tejada trade:

First issue: White Sox payroll.  My source is saying that adding Tejada would not be a problem - the team's board of directors are willing to take the payroll up to $105 million.  Should the Orioles accept one of their offers, they'll still have flexibility for more additions at the July trading deadline as needed.

UPDATE:  There was a miscommunication between my source and I about this deal.  He was not telling me that the Astros were in on Tejada, but rather Jose Contreras.  I'll go into more detail on this in a separate post.  Sorry for the confusion.


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I'm not sure the name of the guy who posts the news and rumors and we all make comments on them, but if you read this just wondering if you're source that said the sox would take their payroll up to 105 million knows which offer the Orioles are considering or more likely to either accept or work off of to eventually come to dealing Tejada. Thanks

I'm talking about the two options the White Sox have put on the table just to be clear

Sorry Matt, I've posted all I know.

Wow, 105 million dollar
pay roll!!!
It seems that my SoX really really want to compete with
my Yanks.
I'm already salivating over the White SoX VS Yanks, if the SoX get Tejada I will be joyfilly choking on all my excessive saliva!

Houston has big intrest in Miggy, but I think it will take a little more then what is listed above, simply becuase right now the WhiteSox offer is better for Baltimore in my opnion. Maybe a Prospect SP, Burke and Tavares.

Ok thanks Rumormonger. I didnt know it was you who did alot of the digging and posting of info. You do a great job and this site is alot of fun for hot stove baseball talk. All I can say is come on Orioles take that first offer of Contreras, Uribe and the prospect for Tejada. Let us keep McCarthy. Is it too late to hope for Xmas gifts?

Williams can stop making Hendry look bad any day now......

"Wow, 105 million dollar
pay roll!!!
It seems that my SoX really really want to compete with
my Yanks. "

You mean the Yanks want to compete with the Sox, right?

Of all the trade proposals I've heard for Tejada, Boston comes the closest, by far. Manny Ramirez packaged w/ whoever is w/ out a doubt the best deal Baltimore's going to get. That's if they're trading to include a bat that's ready to play now. All of these proposals for Tejada lack substance and are somewhat mind boggleing... Contreras, Uribe and whoever....Burke, Lane, or Taveras and whoever. I guess Baltimore could do either of those deals if they wanted to dump salary or just plainly feel cheated. The Cub's are a modest second behind Boston and thats if Baltimore doesnt require a MLB ready bat in that deal too. So it really makes me wonder what Peter is waiting for...a deal w/ Boston is going to give the Orioles a head case but a headcase thats going to put up Triple crown #'s and that's year after year too ( seriously this guy never slumps)...that's a significant offensive upgrade over Miggy and if they can get a pitcher in that deal its a gift + the dollars you know Boston is going to throw in.. its all gravy what's he waiting for. I mean really can any one name a guy that puts up better numbers and year after year too. Where talking about top three ....does anyone oppose this statement? What's he waiting for?
All though the rumors i've heard about the Cub's interest in Zito make me think the Cub's might be close to itching Peter's trigger finger regarding Tejada... as one of the Cub's starters will most surely be included in any deal for Tejada. The Cub's could get offensively strong at short and acquire a much needed lefty for the rotation. I mean would the rotation really be:
Kerry Wood
Carlos Zambrano
Mark Prior
Barry Zito
Greg Maddux
Rumormonger, who do you think has the best chance? Who do you think is currently the front runner or the closest (RELATIVELY)?

St. Peter ROse,
While you are absolutely right that talent wise the Red Sox offer of Manny Ramirez is the only one that comes close to equalling Tejada at a major league level. There are I believe three main obstacles in getting that deal done. One is the Orioles reluctance to trade Tejada within the divison. Two I'm not sure the Orioles want to trade one guy who has become a headcase for a guy who is a proven headcase over the years, not to mention a more expensive headcase than Tejada as well. Three Manny has a no trade clause and while Im not sure he would use it, it definitely wouldnt surprise me if he did. Regarding the Cubs offer of Prior, Hill and Patterson for Tejada and Bedard. Supposedly the Orioles rejected that flat out of hand and the only way I see the Cubs getting Tejada is if it is a three way with another team or if they are willing to trade Zambrano instead of Prior. The Orioles themselves did say they wanted Zambrano instead of Prior. I also have heard but dont know how true it is that the Orioles have also told the Cubs they would like Pie to be in any deal along with Zambrano. Supposedly right now the O's are considering two deals the White Sox have proposed. I believe they will end up rejecting both and their is also a rumor floating about a possible three way deal involving Baltimore, Boston and the Mets. Tejada, Ramirez and Benson would be the main names involved plus obviously prospects. Manny ends up in NY though not Baltimore according to this rumor. Not sure how valid that one is either.

Why wouldn't the Orioles want arguabley the best hitter in baseball ...I dont want here any bullshit about chemistry either or being a bad clubhouse guy the A's won 3 in a row and they hated each other. If it's there it will happen... being friends or getting along is not a prerequisite for winning a title. Or do they think they have more than what they do. This is whats annoying... come on there are more than enough guys putting up his #'s or better check em out he did the 150rbi but has never come close again and look at the obp...awful and the avg thats exactly what it is average...so he hits homeruns... Ok and he's a shortstop but thats what he is....not one of the top 5 or top 10 (Ive heard this) I'll give you top 20-25. To ask for a pitcher from Boston plus the dollars is an insult. Really it's overrating Tejada. Or there trying to rape Boston but there in the same postion. And if anyone cares I prefer my power/RBI hitters not come from such an athletic postion ala Jeter, Rollins, Eckstein, Furcal. It's a very consuming position and I prefer the vitality of my offense come from the patient positions; LF, RF, 1B, 3B, even 2b. Or maybe I just dont like Tejada for some reason. na

Matt I wrote the above before I saw your post. I apppreciate the info. and your explaining. Specifically, there reluctance to trade w/ in the division although they still get the better of that deal.

Sorry - don't want to inject the Cubs into a rumor that doesn't involve them ... BUT, if the Cubs can get Zito (presumably while keeping the rest of the rotation intact), is it a possibility to move Zito + a top prospect for Tejada?

I'm not sure what the asking price is from the A's for Zito, though.

At this date, all of the two-team options seem likely to have been examined pretty thoroughly. I'm anticipating a 3-team something.

As for the Astros' position player, there's only one position player I could imagine being a centerpiece of a trade like this -- Ensberg. But even that, as others have protested, paired with Patton (most treasured prospect in Astrodom, in my estimation) isn't going to get it done, imo.

sturt: I agree; most likely, a three-team deal will be worked out, although the proposed Mets-Orioles-Red Sox trade rumors just don't make sense (Orioles need production, ie Manny to make the trade, and the Mets can't possibly be interested unless they get Manny). Maybe Tejada's newest complaints will be enough to get the Orioles to deal straight-up with Boston, though.

Here's some more conjecture, fwiw.

Mainstream reports yesterday were saying that the O's like the idea of Manny + Clements, but that there was a money issue.

One solution: a third team that can bring some low-cost/high-value players to the arena, and can take on some salary that the BoSox and the O's are wrestling over.

The Astros may qualify, but in that event, Houston gets Tejada, and Boston ends up instead filling a plethora of weak points in their roster: Taveras to lead-off, Everett at short, Lidge to close.

I don't think that's going to be enough, though. Boston is going to want another RBI bat to plug-in on one side or the other of Ortiz.

"You mean the Yanks want to compete with the Sox, right?"
I guess you're right since the ChiSoX will be the defending World Series Champion.

The SouthSide Five:
1. M. Buerhle
2. F. Garcia
3. J. Garland
4. J. Vazquez
5. B. Mccarthy


A Modern Day Murderers Row

1. CF J. Damon L
2. SS D. Jeter R
3. 3B A. Rodriguez R
4. LF H. Matsui L
5. RF G. Sheffield R
6. 1B J. Giambi L
7. 2B R. Cano L
8. C J. Posada S
9. DH B. Williams S

I can't wait!!!

Sturt- I see what your saying...makes some sense. I really do hope that whatever Houston does they can do with out moving Lidge...I would like to see that.

Gotham Grumblers:
1. R. Johnson
2. M. Mussina
3. C. Wang
4. C. Pavano
5. A. Small?


Sluggin Sox

1. LF S. Podsednik
2. 2B T. Iguchi
3. SS M. Tejada
4. 1B P. Konerko
5. DH J. Thome
6. RF J. Dye
7. C AJ. Pierzynski
8. 3B J. Crede
9. CF B. Anderson

eeech. While the Sox pitching staff is top-notch the Yankees offense is as well. However the White Sox offense is really good too and the YAnkees Staff leaves a lot wanted.

Sturt-Thinking of your 3 team possability....I agree Everett will have to move in the Miggy deal if he goes to Houston...either there...or Houston deals him Everett in a seperate deal after the fact. So the 3 team makes sense. That said.....Willy T also fits in for Boston in a CF/Lead off roll after Damon left...so far so good. The only change I would make is I would like Houston to keep Lidge out of the deal...throw in a pitching prospect...AE, Willy and 1 SP Prospect. I like this.

BTW- nice site over at astrosdaily.com, I have been lurking there for the last year...just dont post =)...as well as orangewhoopass.com

the Yankee's five man with probably be Shawn Chacon.

And I just don't get why everybody overrates Vazquez.. he's terrible.

Oh, and just for kicks A-ROD.. heres my Yankee lineup:

1. Damon
2. Jeter
3. Giambi
4. A-rod
5. Sheffield
6. Matsui
7. Cano
8. Posada
9. Williams

I just can't see any reason to waste Giambi's OBP in the 6 hole.

Regarding Taveras, there has been recent speculation that he might have been the odd man out if Nomar came to Houston (Lane to center). I have also read elsewhere that Taveras is a Boras guy, I've never seen this totally substantiated, but it would make sense given Beltran's departure from Houston. If the Boras bit is true, then I wouldn't be shocked to see him moved.

Still, I don't see how Baltimore takes a Houston package not including Lidge. Maybe Baltimore has warmed to some of Houston's young players because they have come to realize they will never outspend Boston or New York. Burke and B-Rob would make a solid infield (if Roberts can play SS), and Taveras has significant potential. I would not like to see Lane go, this organization gave up on Abreu too quickly, and we all know how that turned out.

The 2006 Yankee Rotation:

1. Big Unit
2. Moose
3. Pavano
4. Wang
5. Chacon

Although I believe Pavano will be eaten alive in the Bronx.
I do trust the Big Unit and a HEALTHY Mussina in 06.
I also think Wang and Chacon are a decent 4 & 5.


The 2006 SoX Lineup:

1. S. Podsednik L
2. J. Uribe R
3. P. Konerko R
4. J. Thome L
5. J. Dye R
6. T. Iguchi R
7. A. Pierzynski S
8. J. Crede R
9. B. Anderson R

Although at present
it is a good lineup,
I would probable prefer
Oakland's over the ChiSoX
(Especially one that includes a HEALTHY
Big Hurt)

However that would change if a player such as Tejada, H. Blalock, or M. Young were to be acquired

RE: option

Yes, I think I'm in favor of your Yankee lineup, but with a slight change:

1. CF J. Damon L
2. SS D. Jeter R
3. 1B J. Giambi L
4. 3B A. Rodriguez R
5. LF H. Matsui L
6. RF G. Sheffield R
7. 2B R. Cano L
8. C J. Posada S (R)
9. DH B. Williams S (L)

This batting order makes it
increasingly difficult towards the late innings when the opposing team uses its Righty/Lefty Relief Specialists.

"....would not like to see Lane go, this organization gave up on Abreu too quickly, and we all know how that turned out."

The Astros didn't give up on Abreu, he was a bit of a prima donna, kinda like Curt Schilling was....and we all know how that turned out too.

A two team trade between the Orioles and Astros isn't out of the realm of possibilities. If the Orioles really want to trade Miggy, they might be willing to accept Lidge, Everett, Lane and Astacio or Buccholz in return for Miggy and a prospect or two. Adding Tejada means Everett has to go. Trading Lidge may be a cost saving measure because he's probably going to get at least $3-4 million in arbitration this year and the cost will just keep going up. Wheeler and Qualls are both ready to step in Lidge's shoes. Bring up Buccholz (if not traded) or McLemore to be the 7th inning guy. Lane may be expendable if Purpura believes Burke will blossom. He has already stated publicly that he wants Burke to be able to play everyday. A platoon of Burke/Scott/Bruntlett at RF isn't unthinkable.

The O's are quickly turning into the biggest joke in all of baseball, dont underestimate their stupidity.

The only way the Red Sox should entertain the idea of the 4 team deal between the Mets, Rays, Orioles and Sox is if they receive Tejada and Rocco Baldelli in return. They would be dealing the best player in the deal (Manny), their number one prospect and highly regarded in baseball (Marte), and a solid starter! Baldelli is coming off two major injuries but I would rather take that risk can obtain Joey Gathright who really doesn't fit the mold of a Red Sox player! Start the campaign, Baldelli and Tejada get it done!

Marte supposedly is more injured than first thought. Also, given the contracts in play, age, and defense, Tejada is far superior to Manny at this point. Clement's a #4 starter that's being overpaid. Tejada and Gathright would be a good deal for the Sox.

Here's the latest on the Tejada trade rumors per Phil Rogers column this morning in The Chicago Tribune. This is a guy who is sometimes right on with his columns and sometimes way off so take it for what its worth. He says expect Tejada to be traded sometime in the next week. The Orioles will probably take one of two routes. The first is to trade Tejada for the most equivalent of major league talent. He mentions the teams that would have the inside track to acquiring him with this route would be the Red Sox (probably would be a 3 way) and their offer of Manny and Clement. The other team would be the White Sox and their offer of Contreras (could be interchanged with Garcia or Vazquez), Uribe, and a prospect. The other route that could happen is the Orioles trade some of their top prospects for pitching help in a last ditch effort to convince Tejada to stay. The top 2 teams in this case would be the A's and The White Sox since those are the only teams with a surplus in starting pitching and could afford to trade one of their top 3 or 4 and get high level prospects in return. Phil went on to mention that teams that have been in on Tejada discussions, but seem unlikely to acquire him at this point are the Angels, Mets and Cubs. He said the Cubs are probably the least likely of these three to acquire him because of their reluctance to throw in Zambrano instead of Prior, their insistance the Orioles give up a starter (Bedard) in return, and as well as their insistance the Orioles take Corey Patterson with this same deal and if the Cubs could pull off a Tejada trade without giving up Prior or Zambrano, it would likely cost them Pie, Hill, Cedeno and possibly another top prospect which he indicates the Cubs are unlikely to go for.

well for me the sox should stay with uribe n contreras ill rather trade brando mc carthy n some prospecs n some money for tejada i wont give up wat they have like ozzie said IF IS NOT (BROKEN)DONT (FIX IT)

I'd trade Pie, Hill, Cedeno and Dopirak for Tejada. Odds are only one of the four prospects (at best) is going to go on to become anything worthwile.

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