Kaplan: Cubs “Trying Hard” For Tejada

Late last night I talked to Dave Kaplan, co-host of WGN’s Sports Central.  Dave gave me a different take on the Miguel Tejada situation than what my source told me.

He said his sources indicate the White Sox are out of the Tejada sweepstakes and that the Red Sox are also backing away now that Manny said he’ll stay.  According to Kaplan, the Cubs are "trying hard."  He also mentioned that there’s "still a long way to go to get a deal done, but if the Cubs will include Felix Pie they could get it done."

FoxSports’s Ken Rosenthal threw his hat into the ring last night, indicating that the Phillies have offered Bobby Abreu for Tejada and would play Tejada at third base.  Of course, Abreu has the power to veto such a trade.

At any rate, more than one source has indicated that the Tejada situation will get resolved today, whether he stays or goes.  I guess we’ll see.

In other news, Dan Connolly of the Chicago Tribune quotes an industry source saying the Cubs are "closing in" on a trade to send Corey Patterson to Baltimore for an unknown minor leaguer.  The minor leaguer is said to not be one of the Orioles’ top five.  Based on Will Lingo’s top ten list for Baseball America, perhaps numbers 6-10 are possible.  I’m just speculating, but the Cubs could really use a guy like Val Majewski if the Orioles would part with him. 

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