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Kaplan: Cubs "Trying Hard" For Tejada

Late last night I talked to Dave Kaplan, co-host of WGN's Sports Central.  Dave gave me a different take on the Miguel Tejada situation than what my source told me.

He said his sources indicate the White Sox are out of the Tejada sweepstakes and that the Red Sox are also backing away now that Manny said he'll stay.  According to Kaplan, the Cubs are "trying hard."  He also mentioned that there's "still a long way to go to get a deal done, but if the Cubs will include Felix Pie they could get it done."

FoxSports's Ken Rosenthal threw his hat into the ring last night, indicating that the Phillies have offered Bobby Abreu for Tejada and would play Tejada at third base.  Of course, Abreu has the power to veto such a trade.

At any rate, more than one source has indicated that the Tejada situation will get resolved today, whether he stays or goes.  I guess we'll see.

In other news, Dan Connolly of the Chicago Tribune quotes an industry source saying the Cubs are "closing in" on a trade to send Corey Patterson to Baltimore for an unknown minor leaguer.  The minor leaguer is said to not be one of the Orioles' top five.  Based on Will Lingo's top ten list for Baseball America, perhaps numbers 6-10 are possible.  I'm just speculating, but the Cubs could really use a guy like Val Majewski if the Orioles would part with him. 


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With all due respect to Dave Kaplan (and I have a ton for him because even being a Sox fan, I listen to his show and think its phenominal) I'm not sure who his sources are with regard to the Tejada White Sox deal, but I have a hard time believing he would know more or be correct when Rumor's source (who I guess works with the White Sox front office in some way) has been saying the Sox are still very much in the sweepstakes, but the hold up is the prospect the Orioles are asking for. It seems like that wouldnt be a complete deal breaker especially since it seems at least to me (unless the Cubs have now offered Pie, along with Prior and Hill) that the White Sox deal is the best one out there for Tejada especially in light of the Red Sox supposedly pulling out. I'm not sure if Kaplan's source is inside or outside of the White Sox front office, but assuming it's outside, I have to believe its possible he got his info from someone inside the White Sox front office. That being said it wouldnt surprise me at all if the source was purposely given false information by the White Sox saying they are out of the Tejada deal much like VanDyck and DeLuca were by Kenny. The reason besides the fact the Sox are supposedly lying in the weeds waiting to make the deal is that the Cubs are one of the teams in direct competition with the Sox for Tejada so it's not unlike the Sox and Kenny at all to try to keep all news in house and leak false info to the press and outside sources not in their own front office. Perhaps Rumor could shed some more light on this or try to confirm from his Sox source if what Kaplan says is true. And of course even then the true answer may not be known.

I guess this snuffs out the "imminent" 3-way deal with the BoSox and Mariners involving Patterson. Might want to let your source know that. I know rumors are just rumors, but as you said, "imminent" is a strong choice of words!

David Kaplan=Cubs Appologist

I think The Phillies will get Tejada (For Abreu and Floyd, maybe Lidle too) and actually trade him to the Cubs for Prior, Hill and DuBois or non-top 10 prospect...

DuBois? He was traded to CLE last year for Gerut!

And if the O's trade Majewski for Patterson, I'll have a cow. Patterson, for all his potential, is not worth the potential Majewski has shown in the Fall and Winter Leagues. I'd think they'd give up a guy like Brian Finch or John Maine for Patterson.

Pie plus prospects for Tejada? Done. Yesterday. What the hell is Hendry thinking if that's a real offer and he hasn't accepted it?

sorry about the dubois comment - point is, as Phils fan, I would trade Tejada for Prior, Hill and a decent throw-in - is Murton too much to ask or some guy from the farms like

The key is Prior and Hill - we lose offense in Philly but gain some badly needed pitching especially a lefty and a #1/2 in Prior.

Im guessing that when he says including Pie in the deal, it is also involving Prior. I wouldnt trade Prior for Tejada straight up, yet prior and Pie?? Maybe Prior and Pie for Tejada and Bedard. That's a decent trade. I would rather see Pie, Hill, Dopriak, Patterson for Tejada.

After what the Orioles have "alledgely" already turned down, do you really think that Pie and prospects will land Tejada? Go to BleedCubbieBlue.com if you want to play make believe pretend.

Well too bad, cuz the Orioles will not get a better offer than Manny and Clement. They are idiots for turning it town. Tejada WANTS a trade, he should be traded for less than his value. Orioles could do 2 things here: 1) Trade for someone of Tejada's value ie Manny, Prior, Abreu, and still finish in 4th place. or 2) Trade for really good prospects ie Pie, Hill, Dopriak and be very very good in the future. I think they could choose 2.

There's no talk of Pie without Prior.

Basically, the Cubs offered Prior and Hill. The O's have maintained all along that they prefer Zambrano to Prior, but if they can't have Zambrano, they want Pie added to the offer of Prior and Hill.

The Cubs have maintained that if Pie is included, they want Bedard. The O's don't feel that Prior, Hill, and Pie is enough if they are sending both Tejada and Bedard to Chicago. Thus the stalemate.

My feeling is that if the Cubs want Bedard, they not only need to include Pie, but also Cedeno. I'd probably be willing to deal Tejada and Bedard for Prior, Pie, Hill, and Cedeno.

Another thing that has been discussed, supposedly, is the O's sending Matos to Chicago to replace Patterson. I'd be willing to throw in Matos for Patterson if you remove the Bedard aspect. So Prior, Hill, Pie, and Patterson for Tejada and Matos.

Getting prospects instead of a star is a decent idea, but it'll drive the average fan beserk in Baltimore. Besides, Angelos won't do it without a star in return.

As for Manny and Clement, you may be right that it's the best offer we'll get, but the O's don't relish the idea of sending Tejada to a divisional opponent, especially since the rumor has it that Tejada only made his demand when the Red Sox had an opening at SS. They may give into Tejada's demand, but they aren't going to giftwrap him to Boston as his Christmas present.

The only question I have is are the Orioles still going to include Bedard with Tejada if we give up Prior, Hill and whoever else? The last I had heard on this deal is that the Orioles rejected Prior, Hill, and Patterson for Bedard and Tejada. I thought i had read the O's had said the only way the Cubs would get Bedard and Tejada was if the Cubs included Zambrano, and Pie along with Hill. Personally as a Cub fan as much as I want Tejada, that is a whole lot to give up even if we get Tejada and Bedard in return.

No offense cause I know you would rather see Dopirak, Hill, Pie, and Patterson for Tejada and as a fellow Cub fan that would be great if there was actually a chance of that happening. I'm positive if we get Tejada its gonna cost either Prior or Zambrano. If we get Tejada and Bedard, Im pretty sure it may cost us both Zambrano and Pie plus maybe Hill or Patterson I dont know. I do know that unless there is nothing else out there, there is no way Angelos trades Tejada without getting at least a star or proven major league talent in return. The White Sox trade with Contreras, Uribe, Sweeney and prospect and the Phillies trade of Abreu, possibly Gavin Floyd and whoever would both be way better returns and more likely to happen than any Cubs deal in which the return is only prospects even if Hill and Pie are in the deal.

Hey guys Im a Sox fan but just thought I'd mention I just heard on WSCR 670 AM the Score in Chicago, Per George Offman the Cubs are close to a deal in which they will send Corey Patterson to Baltimore for a prospect. No word on who the prospect was or any word on a possible deal or talks between the two teams regarding Tejada, Prior, Zambrano etc. Of course that doesnt mean the Cubs arent talking but it looks like the Patterson deal is on the cusp here.

Check Rosenthal's latest.

Manny still wants out of Boston.

IF Cubs sign Alex Gonazalez (ex Marlin) and trade for Tejada then this would give the Cubs upper hand on
teams needing ss. Like (Bal.
and Bos.)

MMMmmm... Pie, Prior and Pie... *drools*

See you later, Miggy!

Why would the Cubs do that though? This would give them 2 short stops. With Ramirez at 3rd obviously they wouldnt be moving either there. Im not sure Gonzalez is an upgrade over Walker at second offensively. Wouldnt that be throwing away money for no reason. Plus if Im a Cub fan, I think I'd rather see what Cedeno can do at short than someone like Alex Gonzalez who in my opinion might not have as good a year than Cedeno anyway.

Sorry I read your post quickly. I assume you with what you said the Cubs would then unload Gonzalez to a team needing a short stop. I'm not sure what kind of value he would bring you, certainly not a quality starter which I think the Cubs need the most.

"MMMmmm... Pie, Prior and Pie... *drools*
See you later, Miggy!"

It's really not going to help you guys!
If you guys are lucky you may finish in 4th place, but TB looks like a much better team.

1. Yankees (102-60)
2. Blue Jays (93-69)
3. Red Sawx (90-72)
4. Devil Rays (79-83)
5. Orioles (75-87)

Curious to know if anybody thinks that Hendry has a Zito trade in the works and would only trade Prior if he can get Zito. If we get Bedard and Zito--I say let Prior, Pie and ? go for Miggy and Bedard. Especially if we get that prospect for Patterson that Monger suggested--his number appear to be about the same as Pie's (although I'd be surprised if we got him). Then, we could trade Murton, Williams and ? for Zito. Thus, we'd have:


1. Pierre CF
2. Walker 2B
3. Lee 1B
4. Miggy SS
5. Ramirez 3B
6. Jones RF
7. Barrett C
8. Hairston LF
9. Pitcher

Granted, Hendry would need to find a LF.

So? The Cubs have to pay 13M a year for an aging Tejada and we get a stud for the next 10 years. Besides, even with Miggy, the Cubs ain't winning no division, and neither are we, for that matter, with Prior. Good pitching is harder to find, so i'd rather have Prior.

> "IF Cubs sign Alex Gonazalez (ex Marlin)
> and trade for Tejada then this would give the Cubs
> upper hand on teams needing ss. Like
> (Bal. and Bos.)"

I don't think you can trade a free agent you've signed until June or July. So this wouldn't make any sense, unless you mean trade for Tejada and then flip him to the Red Sox.

Curious to know if anybody thinks that Hendry has a Zito trade in the works and would only trade Prior if he can get Zito.

No. It makes absolutely no sense. The A's want a major-league ready outfield bat. The Cubs don't have one. Pie is not that major-league ready bat. The papers here have even quoted Beane as such.

With regard to the guy that asked if the Cubs have a Zito trade in the works, my reply is this. I think its possible the Cubs could trade for Zito and in turn flip him to the O's and get Tejada. My general feeling is this is not too likely as the O's seem to prefer Zambrano and possibly even Prior to Zito, with Zito being only under contract for this year and the A's supposedly not allowing a timetable to negotiate an extension before a trade is made. I'm not sure there is any way the Cubs can swing deals in which they would end up with both Zito and Tejada though. It seems to me that the Orioles and A's would probably want the same names in a deal from the Cubs. Pie, Hill, Guzman, Marshall etc. If this O's want Zambrano, Pie and Hill or Prior, Pie and Hill, and the A's want Hill, Guzman and maybe Murton for Zito that would seem to present a problem in that two teams (neither seems intent on budging a whole lot from their demands either) would want the same prospects from the Cubs. So to answer your question, no I dont think Hendry has anything in the works for Zito as of now. If the Cubs were to lose out on Tejada then I think it is more than possible Jim may turn his sights on Zito (which assuming they have Zambrano and Prior still might actually benefit them more than Tejada).I dont see any way the Cubs could end up with both Zito and Tejada though just because the trade demand for prospects seems to be the same players for each guy not to mention it will almost certainly cost them Prior or Zambrano to obtain one of them (Tejada) if it happens.

The other thing is I have heard (dont know how true it is) that the Orioles have told the Cubs the only way they will get both Tejada and Bedard is if Zambrano and Pie are in the deal. The other thing you mentioned trading Murton and Williams (I assume you mean Jerome) for Zito. Somehow I have a feeling the A's are gonna want a whole lot more than that. Maybe someone else can confirm that for me but if you go based on what they got Hudson, who Zito probably has more value than and Mulder who he is probably equal too. One would think it would cost the Cubs at least Murton, Hill and/or Guzman/Marshall to get Zito

I have to disagree about Zito having more value than Hudson or Mulder. Zito has had the worst ERA of the 3 the past few years. I think Hudson is the best of the 3, then Mulder, then Zito. Plus Zito is in his FA year, while I thought Mulder and Hudson were not, but someone told me they were. So did Stl and Atl sign them to an extension as soon as they got them?

While you are correct in that Hudson and Mulder have had better ERA's the last three years. Hudson was traded in a contract year, Mulder was traded with 2 years left on his deal. There are a couple reasons why I think Zito has more value than Hudson and probably about equal to Mulder. Zito is the youngest of the three, he's three years younger than Hudson and a year younger than Mulder. Hudson has also had some nagging injuries for the most part while Zito has been pretty much injury free.

I believe Zito is only a year younger than Hudson was when Hudson was traded, and the same age as Mulder when Mulder was traded, so age really isn't an argument.

As for his trade value, the only way he has more trade value now than Mulder did last year is if you argue that there is a dearth of available starters.

Personally, I think the lack of available quality starters balances the fact that he's not as dominant as Mulder or Hudson were. That combined with Beane's affinity for cheap players who are far from arbitration/free agency is why I believe you'll see a deal similar to the Hudson/Mulder deals (i.e., prospects).

Yes. Prospects and a bona-fide slugging outfielder. The Cubs have one, but not the other. I'm thinking my Angels will swing a deal for Zito. We have more prospects than GOD.

Okay--the reason I asked is this: I have heard/read that As want 3 pitchers, one of whom is major league ready:

Williams, Hill, ?

I have also heard Beane wants a major league ready outfielder (which makes no sense considering how many they already have) and pitching:

Murton (yes, he is ready), J. Williams, and Hill

O's want Prior/Zambrano, Pie and ? if they give up Miggy/Bedard.

Therefore, both of these deals COULD be done if Hendry wanted to and these are accurate assumptions. Again, this is based on what I've heard/read.

This would leave the Cubs with a hole in LF. After consideration--I'm not really interested in Miggy.

Our problem last year was not enough guys getting on base. I'd like to see guys like Jones, Barrett, Ramirez and Lee surrounded with Cedeno, Pierre, Walker and Murton who can get on base.

Hopefully, the report on Beane wanting 3 pitchers is accurate, and we could give J. Williams, Hill and one other lower grade prospect to them for Zito. Then, we'd have:

1. Pierre
2. Walker/Cedeno
3. Lee
4. Ramirez
5. Murton
6. Jones
7. Barrett
8. Walker/Cedeno
9. Pitcher


That'd be pretty nice. I'm sure many of you think Cedeno and Murton aren't ready yet. I feel Murton proved it last year (and in winter ball) and Cedeno has done the same. Let's give them a chance--Cedeno is definitely better than Neifi and we don't have anyone else in the OF for LF anyway. We don't need more power--we need more BALANCE!

Note that Cedeno did better than Blanco (our back up catcher) or Pie (our PRIZE prospect) during winterball. Looks like he is ready given he batted .300 in 41 games with the Cubs last year.


Since Prior is the greatest picther ever and Carrie Woods is second wouldn't those two be more than enough to get Tejada and Bedard from the Orioles ?

I'm guessing that's sarcasm from typical, however, the Orioles wouldn't take both b/c of injury concerns. That's why they want Zambrano instead of Prior and Wood is pretty self-explanatory. Plus, the Cubs would put themselves further in a hole with starting pitching.

Seriously, the Orioles can keep Tejada and his overrated career OPS of .815 and average defense.

By the way, how is Luis Matos that much better than Corey Patterson? A career OPS of .695 is PATHETIC. Maybe they both suck, but Pie's better than Matos today.

espn 1000 bruce levine is reporting 4 teams are interested in Corey Patterson

If anyone trades three players (2 pitchers) for Zito and doesnt get a window to negotiate, or at least the assurance from his agent that he is willing to talk extension, they should be fired from their job immediately. Zito is a good pitcher, above average id say, but he isnt Johan Santana or Roger Clemens in his prime. Hes three years removed from his best season, and hes in his walk year. Trading away 3 players, including pitchers, for 1 year of Zito seems downright silly.

Yes, but do you really want Zito going to the Mets, or worse, the Brewers? You must traed Pie! Get ZITO!

Zito is overrated. There I said it. Want to argue about it? Check out his stats. Since his Cy Young year, Zito has been league average or worse all while playing in a good pitchers park with a good defense behind him.

How about keep A.Gon at ss,
trade Cedeno to BAL and trade Tejeda to Bos for
M. Ramiez and M Clement.
This way you dont need
E. Bedeard just Tejedat from


Murton is a major-leauge ready outfielder.


Murton? Are you kidding? Surely you are... Beane wants toolsy guys like Milledge and Pie, not washed up retreads.

It has become clear you don't follow Cubs baseball.

Thanks for commenting, however.

The Cubs could fairly easily get both Tejada and Zito, IMO.

Prior + Pie + CPat for Tejada + Bedard

Bedard + Hill for Zito

That would be the basic framework anyway. A prospect or two could be added as necessary.

Why would any intelligent fan follow a team of perpetual losers? Murton is a one-year wonder. Beane prefers stud prospects. Brandon Wood is a stud. Pie is a stud. Milledge is a stud. Kendrick is a stud. Delmon Young is a stud. Understand?

"Intelligent" ... laughable.

You are lucky Beane runs your team and not fans like you.

You state in your above post the Athletics want a major-leauge ready outfield bat.

"The A's want a major-league ready outfield bat."

You honestly think any of the above mentioned are MLB ready? Some of them aren't even OUTFIELDERS.

Please, tell me, what is their combined MLB experience add up to? How about the AAA experience?

Yes, that's right. Only one of them has ANY AAA or MLB experience. Good argument.

Just stop before you make a fool out of yourself.

Besides, this site isn't set up for petty comments like "Why would any intelligent fan follow a team of perpetual losers?"

You try too hard, sir.

Thanks for commenting, as always.

Admittedly, I didn't look into Young and won't bother. If it helps your argument, all the better. Congratulations!

Good day!

Dude, what's with the triple post? Calm down!

Calm down? It's the internet man, no need to be uncalm. ;)

My mind is often scattered, however, and I tend to think of things AFTER I post. Since there is no editting... well, you get three posts.

I dont think there there is anyway Baltimore trades Tejada and Bedard for that deal. Only way I see Tejada and Bedard both in Cubbie blue is if the Cubs give the O's Zambrano, Pie and Hill. I'm not sure Hill and Bedard would get it done for Zito either. And to the guy that wanted to trade Murton and Jerome Williams for Zito.. Keep dreaming.

Also anyone that keeps throwing Corey Patterson's name as possibly the name to get the Cubs over the top to get Tejada or Zito can stop that too. Patterson's value is next to nothing as you will see by the minor leaguer the Cubs will get for him


Trade announcement on Corey Patterson at 7:00 P.M.(CST). He is going to the Mariners for Gil Meche



Ugh. At least Corey has the "potential" to be something.

Gil Meche is a mess.

I guess it's more than nothing.

Okay, first of all, reports were Beane wanted OF + 2 pitchers for Zito (look at his past trades for Mulder/Hudson--he didn't get much). So, Murton+J. Williams+? (3rd player-read my post) is not unreasonable.

2nd, Beaneicecream, you clearly don't know your players. Murton is only 25 yrs old. He hit .300+ in 51 games last year (MAJOR LEAGUES). Pie hit .209 over the winter in the Dominican. Get a clue.

3rd--I'd be comfortable with getting both Tejada and Zito. Hendry oughta figure it out--Prior for Tejada + ?. Murton/Pitcher + J. Williams + Hill for Zito. Sign Zito. Send Tejada to the red sox for Clement and Manny.


1. Pierre
2. Walker
3. D. Lee
4. M Ramirez
5. A Ramirez
6. Jones
7. Barrett
8. Cedeno


That'd be nice.


I suppose. I would've prefered a A or AA guy with lots of potential.

Meche might be a decent long reliever though, who knows? The final RHP in the bullpen?

How does he look in the first inning or two of his starts?


I still wish Huff or Abreu were on the radar.....maybe Lugo or Vidro.......

Heck, I'm just desperate for some Offense here in Chicago.


Heck--based on reports of Philly and Baltimore talking, Hendry should ship Prior + Pie + Hill for Miggy and Bedard. Then ship Miggy to Philly for Abreu. Then ship Murton/Pitcher + J. Williams + ? to Oakland for Zito

Zito, Zambrano, Bedard, Maddux, Wood, Rusch

Pierre, Walker, D. Lee
Abreu, A Ram, Jones, Barrett, Cedeno

That's fine too. I hope Hendry figures something out.

Its unreasonable cause the A's want two prospects for him. Jerome Williams sucks. You might want to rethink your whole he didnt get much for Hudson and Mulder. Supposedly he got a whole lot in terms of the players he got from both sides, although have said he coulda gotten more for Hudson. I'm a Cub fan and I'd love to see both Tejada and Zito on the northside. I just wish it was more possible than a dream. The O's and A's want the same prospects (Hill, Pie, Guzman maybe Marshall). I just dont see how its possible to have both of them. The idea of turning Tejada around for Manny and Clement is nice but I see two problems with that one is the Tribune Co would probably nix it because of the amount of money Manny and Clement are due besides what Zito would cost to resign and two I'd say there is at least a 50/50 chance Manny vetoes a trade to the Cubs, since he has said he wants to talk extension before agreeing to any trade and you know the Cubs wont go for that.

So then I take it that the O's will hold on to Tejada...if those sources were right he'd be gone my midnight...4 hours to go!!!

It doesn't look like Angelos has the NUTS to deal anyone!!!

Jake--good points. I almost put something about the money in my post, but had already clicked the button. I wouldn't want Clement for that money either. How 'bout Arroyo?
We did, however, free up $16MM from Sosa and didn't give up $10MM for Furcal. The only reason I put Williams in the Zito trade is that I heard Beane wants major league ready pitching. I know Williams had a bad year, but he's still young. His sinker suits Wrigley and I'm hoping (although not holding out) that he'll get better. I guess we keep speculating and dreaming and see what Jimmy boy does.

As an outsider looking into Cub Nation I'll give my opinion on the bantering back and forth about Tejada and Zito. While I do believe it possible for both Zito and Tejada to be Cubs, I find it very unlikely to happen. Jake brings up a good point when he says the two GMS are asking for the same prospects. I too have heard that as well in rumors. Supposedly the A's would want a top prospect, a possible mid level prospect and possibly an OF in return for Zito. I have heard the reports that the Orioles wont trade Tejada and Bedard to the Cubs unless the Cubs include Zambrano and Pie, but I dont know how true that is. You know for sure the Orioles want a top flight starter either Prior or Zambrano with Zambrano being the preferred name. If the Cubs can pull of the Tejada trade first and get just Tejada not Bedard then I see a remote chance they could have both. I figure if they just get Tejada maybe they can give up Prior and Pie for Tejada. This would keep Hill and Guzman (and I honestly think its gonna take both to get Zito from Oak) available to give to the A's along with possibly Murton for Zito. My feeling is knowing how Hendry values his farm system, the odds of him basically giving away the farm to get Zito and Tejada is remote. PLus would he be willing to trade Prior or Z and not get Bedard back. My feeling is no because what if his proposed deal with Oak falls through. I think the fact the Cubs want Bedard too will cost them Zambrano or Prior plus Hill (to replace Bedard) and maybe even Pie. I think Oak wants Hill bad as part of the Zito deal so if Hill goes to Balt, I can almost assure you Zito wont be on the way to the Cubs. The other thing that is possible is if the Cubs trade for Zito first but the problem then could be seemingly what if it costs you Hill, and Pie to get Zito. The O's supposedly are hot after both of those guys too. If the Cubs do get Zito first, I think they are more likely to flip him along with others to the O's to get Tejada in an attempt to keep both Prior and Zambrano. Jon has some good ideas for trades but Im unsure if his Murton/pitcher + Jerome Williams means. Murton and a pitcher or Murton or a pitcher + Williams. If its Murton and a pitcher +Williams I think depending on the pitcher Oakland might consider it. If its either Murton or a pitcher plus Williams, Ill agree with Jake and that I doubt Beane trades Zito for that. The idea of trading Tejada for Manny and Clement is interesting but I think pretty much would have no chance of happening. I dont think the Cubs would want to take on a person of Manny's character and that money plus didnt they let Clement go because they didnt want to pay him. Why would they take him back when Boston overpaid for him?

Since Hendry is in a contract year, he might be willing to "bet the farm" in order to make the Cubs better now. Then, if he renews his contract (and he probably will), he can spend the next few years rebuilding the farm system. In any case, like many of you, I'm anxious to see something happen.

I know I read somewhere on this page about some radio station in Seattle reporting the Cubs had traded Corey Patterson to Seattle for Gil Meche and an announcement was to be made at 6. Did that ever go down? Unless the M's trade Reed what good would Patterson be to them anyway?

Hey Jon how do you expect to get Manny? There is no way the Cubs are going to get both zito and manny your forgetting about the salary cap

What salary cap?

we are going to have to pay zito and manny a load of money if Jon thinks we are going to get zito and manny

"Trading the farm" for a veteran rarely works out well, and often works out disastrously. Ask O-fans from 20 years ago how that Glenn Davis trade worked out for them.

Tejada just isn't worth what the Orioles are asking. And if I'm the Cubs, I don't rob Peter to pay Paul by moving Zambrano or Prior for a bat. That's just dumb.

If I'm Hendry, I tell Flanagan and Beane to take a hike. Work on a smaller, more realistic, and cheaper deal instead. If the Mets land Manny, the Cubs can trade for Floyd and let Murton platoon with Jones. That would be a good outcome for the Cubs.

As for Zito, if you want him that bad, wait a year.

Ya'll shouldn't wait if ya'll want Zito. The two NYC teams and the Braves are willing to pay heavily. Zito will probably fetch 15M per.

If Zito thinks he can get 15MM/year (no way), then he won't sign a contract extension with his new team for this year, making trading for him a dumb idea in the first place, given what Beane will demand.

I say wait on Zito. Contract length, rather than $$, will be the key with him. He won't get more than 12, he's not better than Hudson and Mulder, and that's what they got. He might get 5 years though.

I'm just sayin'. Don't ya'll have pitching? Not sure why ya'll would need it with who, Wood, Prior and Zmbrano? That's pretty darn good.

Dave Kaplan, he's a reliable source. Kaplan has been an enabler for Hendry and Baker since they came here. Everything that he says about the Cubs has to be taken with a grain of salt because he has NO perspective on anything they do.

If the Cubs trade Patterson for another bucket of crap similar to what they got for Sosa, I'M DONE!!


Patterson is trash at this point. If trading him signals you giving up, thats pretty weak. Im starting to wonder which team overvalues their prospects more...Cubs fans or....well, forget it.

"I'd be willing to throw in Matos for Patterson if you remove the Bedard aspect. So Prior, Hill, Pie, and Patterson for Tejada and Matos."

I'm sure you would buddy, too bad that's a terribly lopsided trade. I don't believe the Cubs have any interest in moving Prior, let alone Prior and two of our top five prospects for an aging, albeit still elite, SS and Luis freakin' Matos. Get real.

"I'd be willing to throw in Matos for Patterson if you remove the Bedard aspect. So Prior, Hill, Pie, and Patterson for Tejada and Matos."

Not being a Cub fan or an Oriole fan, I must say that seems much more fair than some of the crap you Cub fans seem to come up with. Some of the things you throw out there are hilarious. Get a clue Cub fans

Okay CFHNC, Prior & Hill & Pie for Tejada & Matos is somewhat more fair than say, expecting to trade Corey Patterson for Tejada straight up. But that one's not nearly balanced enough to get more than a laugh either.

If Prior had been healthy and winning 15-18 games for the last couple years, there'd be no discussion of the Cubs moving him. And if Tejada knocked in another 150 runs last year, there'd be no discussion of the O's moving him either.

I think there is little question that pitching is King (as the White Sox showed last year), and there's an obscene market for quality arms these days. Look at the millions handed to Burnett, Millwood, and BJ Ryan - a hope, a career year, and a one year breakthrough. If you want a top-of-the rotation starter, you're going to have to pay through the nose for it.

Personally, I wouldn't trade Prior for Tejada straight up, and I wouldn't trade Hill or Pie for a 27 year old journeyman that compares to Timo Perez. So obviously I wouldn't touch that proposal. I can understand the Orioles not wanting to give up Bedard, since they have no pitching to speak of (Bruce Chen is the staff ace? Yikes.)

But if you're taking the role of Mike Flanagan to my Jim Hendry, I'm more than happy to hold onto what I have, and hope to trade for a bat in July if I need to. You're welcome to keep your disgrunted SS, and see if he can single handedly outslug the Red Sox, Blue Jays, and Yankees.

Although speaking as Jim Hendry for the moment, I must say my organizational philosophy sucks. But that's another story - since I can't do this deal, I'd better go call around and see if I can get some more salary dumps. That's me specialty, you know ;)

Prior and Pie??? Absolutely not. I wouldn't do that deal for any player. Who do you think Tejada is, Pujols? Let me tell you something... I know Pujols, Pujols is a friend of mine, and Tejada, sir, is no Albert Pujols. Tejada is the Orioles' mess, and you O's fans come up in our faces talking like we're a bunch of no-nothing Cubbie Kool-Aid drinkers because we want the Cubs to make a reasonable deal for a very good shortstop? Keep Tejada, for all we care. Go ahead. Listen to him whine and moan all season long. You watch... by the end of his contract, Cedeno will be putting up better BA and defensive stats than Tejada. Jim Hendry will keep Prior, aka the next Roger Clemens!!!

"If Prior had been healthy and winning 15-18 games for the last couple years, there'd be no discussion of the Cubs moving him."

That is a huge IF. Prior HASN'T been healthy at all. The O's don't want to trade the best SS in the game for a player that spends half his year on the DL. Hill is no star in waiting. What, did he have a 9 something ERA last year?

"You watch... by the end of his contract, Cedeno will be putting up better BA and defensive stats than Tejada."

That's what makes Tejada so special. He doesn't just put up a good BA, he drives in runs. How many SS,s have his offensive numbers and still plays like he does defensively.

"Jim Hendry will keep Prior, aka the next Roger Clemens!!!"

Prior couldn't carry Roger's jock strap. He would have to actually stay off the DL to even talk about it. Over the last two years Clemens, at 43, has pitched 140 innings more than Prior at 25.

If you don't want to pay what the going price is, then don't trade for him. Just because you over value your talent, don't expect everyone else to.

As far as Manny and Zito and the cap goes--I don't think that's an issue, but I doubt ownership would spend that money. Someone made a good point that we don't want a guy like Manny in the clubhouse. I also think it may be a good point to wait on Zito until next year.

As far as Prior goes--most of his injuries have been freak injuries--the liner off his elbow and the collision at 2nd base. This year will be a tell-tale year for Prior and the Cubs.

I think the Cubs need to stay away from Tejada, but if they could get Zito and flip him for a bat, that'd be nice--I don't know if there's a possibility of getting Abreu--b/c the Phillies want/need pitching and were talking about trading for Tejada straight up. Earlier, they wanted Prior for Abreu. I'd be OK with Hendry trading Murton + J. Williams + Hill for Zito and then Zito and a lower grade prospect for Abreu.

"If you don't want to pay what the going price is, then don't trade for him. Just because you over value your talent, don't expect everyone else to."

Hey, "no clue," get a clue. We'll keep Hill and his lefthanded nasty curveball, and we'll keep Prior, whose fastball you couldn't touch in your dreams, and we'll keep Pie, who WILL steal 80 bases in a pro season. You keep your B-12 (yeah, right) shooting spoiled cry baby. Have fun in Baltimore watching your investment go straight down the sewer.

By the way, everyone who continues to suggest that Hendry is "offering" or "trying to unload" or "looking to trade" Mark Prior, get your facts straight. The Orioles asked about Prior and Zambrano. Hendry told them that Tejada alone would not get Prior. That's why the deal didn't get done. Hendry doesn't want his stud going anywhere.

And, "no clue," have you checked what that 43 year-old in Houston did at the end of the season last year? He's falling apart. AND, guess who beat him in a start early last season? Hmm? What did you say? Oh yeah, Mark Prior.

"Hendry told them that Tejada alone would not get Prior. That's why the deal didn't get done. Hendry doesn't want his stud going anywhere."


"And, "no clue," have you checked what that 43 year-old in Houston did at the end of the season last year?"

Yes, Clemens and his 211 innings and his 1.87 ERA were helping take the Astros to the World Series. Did he wear down at the end of the year? Yes, HE IS 43! Prior is 25 and his 166 innings and his 3.67 ERA helped carry his team to 4TH PLACE.

If Prior can make it though a whole year with his old dominating stuff without breaking a fingernail or whatever, THEN try and trade him for Tejada. Not after the two years he just had and expect top value for him.

Cubs fans are pathetic! Rumormonger you started all this by mistitleing the post. It should have been something like: "PHILS ENTER TEJADA MESS". When I heard about the phils interest I quickly went to my computer and brought up MLBtraderumors expecting to find a title similar to the one I suggested. Instead I came to find that Rumormonger, being the Chicago fan that he is, put a Chicago spin on it about how the Cubs are really trying hard now. This instead of how it just became more difficult to get Tejada has given Cubs fans yet ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY to bum rush this site w/ their ideal opening day lineups and starting rotations and about how so and so would work but this guy wouldn't but this guy would solve all are problems and on and on. Its like you all just decided to ignore that part of the post. It just became more diffiult b/c the Phils w/Abreu have alotmore to offer and is more in line w/ what the Orioles are looking for in return. Although the Phils could end up bouncing him to Chicago for pitching. So you Cub fans can hold on to that. I pitty Hendry, he has an impossible job.
And please enough w/ the line ups and starting rotations-please.

st.PETEr ROSE--if you don't like it, don't read it! Or, limit the posts you read!

The Phillies item was simply me repeating what most people knew from FoxSports. Just passing it along.

The Kaplan thing was something unique I was providing my readers, so it was the headline.

"THEN try and trade him for Tejada. Not after the two years he just had and expect top value for him."

You don't get it. Or you don't want to. The Cubs AREN'T trying to trade him for Tejada. They don't want Tejada that badly. Prior's too good. Prior being "offered" was a media ploy--inferred from a no comment by Hendry. Doesn't that just tick you off?

"You don't get it. Or you don't want to. The Cubs AREN'T trying to trade him for Tejada. They don't want Tejada that badly. Prior's too good. Prior being "offered" was a media ploy--inferred from a no comment by Hendry. Doesn't that just tick you off?"

No Charlie, You don't get it!!!
The O's have a former AL MVP to deal while your Losers Since 1908 have a guy (Prior) who hasn't even been the Ace of his own staff since 2003!!!
Keep Prior and let me enjoy listening to how many IMAGINARY Cy-Youngs he has won, along with all the SIMULATED perfect games his thrown.
CFHNC, Thank You for not tolerating the typical Cubs Fan.
Enjoy 4th place in the NL Central, Cubdumb!!!

Now A-ROD, if you can't play nice, why don't you take your toys and go home?

"Enjoy 4th place in the NL Central, Cubdumb!!!"

I told you it would tick you off, A-Rod! And speaking of dumb, the Orioles' took Sosa and put him in right field. Regardless of what they had to pay for his contract, that wasn't very smart, was it? Oh yeah, the Orioles will do much better than 4th in the AL East, right? Uh... no.

"The O's have a former AL MVP to deal while your Losers Since 1908 have a guy (Prior) who hasn't even been the Ace of his own staff since 2003!!!"

I just love how people wave around the word "former." Like it should mean just as much today. The only difference that matters between the two players at this point is, the Orioles WERE trying to deal Tejada. The Cubs WERE NOT trying to deal Prior. Orioles FO = dumb. Hendry = smart. At least in this case.

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