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RotoAuthority Poll: Keepers

I am trying to get a read on how many people use keepers in their 5x5 mixed 12 team fantasy baseball league.  So far it seems like a good chunk of people, so I'm considering adding some sort of keeper-related feature to the 2006 RotoAuthority Fantasy Baseball Guide.  Please take this poll over at RotoAuthority if you qualify.


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I'm not in a keeper league; consequently, something I would pay Rotoauthority good money for is a draft ranking, or a depth chart at each position.

I always panic when drafting and end up with bad players.

Wreckard, I do have rankings by position. They are by dollar value but the rankins still indicate overall fantasy value.

I'm working on getting a Top 300 sheet for use in drafts...

Great, thanks Monger.

I was planning on picking up your rankings sheet closer to draft time, and you could definitely sign me up for a draft cheatsheet.


I come here for the trade rumors, but all of the talk about roto baseball has got me really interested. Now I go over to rotoauthority to check that out sometimes too, that is a great site as well. I am interesting in doing roto baseball for the first time this year. COuld you suggest a website that holds a leauge that would be suitable for a beginner? Should I go for a draft or auction?



I recommend Yahoo. I'm a casual roto player, and I really enjoy yahoo leagues. They range in competitiveness, so you can select the level most appropriate for you. You only run the risk that your league will be filled with a bunch of stiffs. I suggest you sign up for several different leagues to insure against that risk, and draft different rosters for each team to insure against baseball related risks. Enjoy.

Im in two keeper leagues, one is new, the other is entering its second year. In the new league, its a long term league, where every player, both minors and majors, is a "keeper", but it goes by contract years, and you have a max length of time to keep a player before he needs a new contract.

What makes this league tough, in terms of calculating values, is that the parameters are nothing like any other league out there, in terms of number of players being drafted and at certain positions, because of the impact of a minor league draft. There is a salary cap and a years cap, which makes the values tough. If you come up with a way to accurately do that, Id purchase it. For my purposes, I have come up with a system, though the dollar figures will be an inexact science, at least for the first year.

Can't pin down the minor league thing quite yet, but a general guide for a standard keeper league is 30% inflation.

Well, im not worried about inflation, im more worried about calculating actual dollar values for players in the first year of the MLB auction. Ill shoot you an email.

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