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Mets Interested In Wells?

Spoke with my Mets guy this morning.  He had plenty of info to pass along.

First, he said that any recent rumors going around are "bogus."  Plenty of other websites have added to that sentiment.

He also mentioned that Minaya wants to add a starter.  That's fairly well known, but he also said that the Mets may try to make a move on David Wells if nothing better comes along before spring training.  It's the first I'd heard of that.

He said the Mets are convinced that Anderson Hernandez is the answer at second base for 2006, and that Jeff Keppinger could be moved for pitching if he has a good spring.  No doubt the Mets would love to dump Kaz Matsui if someone would take even half his salary.


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Bet old Boomer wouldn't be too happy to have his trade request fulfilled by getting traded to another East Coast team.

Not if the trade end in NYC, but if Boomer could be flipped for Peavy or Zito, then its great.

Peavy or Zito??? that's a joke?

if boomer could be flipped for peavy or zito dont you think the sox would have made that move. i dont think the sox would trade him to the mets either way, im sure they dont want to get rid of him he was probably their top pitcher a year ago. the only reason there are talks is because he wants to be on the west coast; i guess it all depends on who the mets were going to offer though.

The more I think about it, the less I see a need for an extra starter. Zito would be great (or anybody like him), but Bannister seems to be very overlooked. He's not young, but he killed in AAA last season and would be a more than adequate no.4/5. Maine is probably worth a shot, as is Solar. I say the Mets go it half a season with a Solar/Bannister 4/5, and see how that works out. Of course, if it were up to me, we'd deal Floyd for a starter. In the meantime, I'd be happy with a Solar/Bannister 4/5 or a cheap pickup like Marquis.

Wells to the Mets was a thought I'd had way back when the Benson/ Julio trade was agreed on. I think Wells for Nady or Victor Diaz and a lower prospect would work perfect for both teams.

GuyinNY: as an O's fan, I think that Maine is likely better reliever material.

Why would Wells want to play for the Mets? He's already left NY once and has said he only wants to go west. If the Sox do trade Wells to the Mets, they better get more in return than Nady. Wells won 15 games last year and is a stud at Fenway.

Kaz Matsui for Eric Milton and Tony Womack... please oh please oh please oh please oh please

The three silliest words in the english language are
"kaz matsui for..."
He has negative value. For example, there are a few teams -- not all, for sure -- who would make a trade of Kaz Matsui and Lastings Milledge for nothing.

The three silliest words in the english language are
"kaz matsui for..."
He has negative value. For example, there are a few teams -- not all, for sure -- who would make a trade of Kaz Matsui and Lastings Milledge for nothing.

Good point. Matsui would be traded for A)another crappy player with a huge salary, a la Nevin for Park, or B)a no-name minor leaguer to dump his salary, a la Corey Koskie.

Matsui does too have value. He can dye his hair in all sorts of inspiring color combinations, including his team colors. He also speaks Japanese, which is always a plus, because every team needs someone who can order from the sushi menu.

No Name: Not sure who would be getting the worse end of that deal. None of the three players involved are *good,* but I think the Reds may win by default. Tough call, though...

I believe this rumor.

I heard that the Mets are hoping to field a rotation of Glavine, Wells, Tanana, Carlton and Lolich.

They're going to sport retro uni's to more flatter the corpulent octegenarians.

Seriously, I just think that they want to field a rotation of pitchers that were in their primes at the team's inception,1962.

LennyWebster42 : I'm quite alright with Maine as a reliever. I just want to give him a shot as a starter. I'd also want to see Heilman in the pen where he belongs. Granted, he could be a decent starter, but I'd prefer a shutdown reliever.

A question about Maine : How is his stuff/makeup? (i.e. Does Rick Peterson have anything to work with?)

Does David Wells really have much left to make a difference on a Met's team with an already aging starter (albeit certainly more than capable). I cant imagine the Red Sox taking Kaz Matsui. Maybe he can move to short?

Mets aren't giving up Diaz or Nady for Wells. Diaz still has nice upside and Nady was traded for Cameron this off-season. Can't go into this season basically having traded Cameron for Wells.


I don't think I'd mind trading a guy like Nady for Wells. Everyone bashed Nady like there was no tomorrow originally. Why do we think he is good now? Problem is, I think Boston would want more!

im not sure why the mets wouldnt want to trade cameron for wells. they have a need in starting pitching and beltran already patrolling center. when cameron isnt in center his value isnt that high.

Cameron isn't with the Mets anymore. He would still have CF value anyway, regardless of playing in RF last year. The reason you wouldn't trade him for Wells is that Wells is old and has asked for a trade.

I can see this happening for one reason, and that's because Omar Minaya would think this would make a splash and help the new Mets sports tv station.

Diaz and prospects is too much to give up for someone who may not pitch beyond next year. Furthermore, if Wells wants out of the East Coast, I'm pretty sure that includes Queens.

Boomer used to be a frontline pitcher... but for what he's being paid....does anyone see him as an upgrade from kris benson???? Both will eat innings and stay relatively healthy, niether will overpower hitters.... Benson is also much younger, while Wells is on the decline. I wouldnt be surprised to see Benson put up better numbers in 06 than Wells

"I can see this happening for one reason, and that's because Omar Minaya would think this would make a splash and help the new Mets sports tv station."

And I quote:
"Our source went on to reiterate that "Milledge is not going anywhere unless it's for Zito and only if they give the Mets a 72-hour window and if it's done before the season starts.

"Minaya will not deal Milledge in any deadline deals...he's been pretty adamant about that, so if he survives spring training, he'll be a Met."

Ok Eric, you quoted me but for what? I said Diaz, not Milledge and I mentioned nothing about Zito.

Now as most baseball fans realize that Zito would be a huge upgrade over Wells, assuming he stays healthy (and there's not reason to think he wouldn't) but Wells would be a bit of a draw (rating wise) because of his ties with the city of New York.

I'm not quite sure I follow your point, or if you even have one. If you do, I'm probably guessing I'll agree with you, since my point is that I don't see it happening. It doesn't make great baseball sense, but it does make television sense.

"He would still have CF value anyway, regardless of playing in RF last year."

no he would have cf value to teams besides the mets. he also had a big contract and for the record we all know he got traded i was responding to someone who said the mets wouldnt want to essentially trade cameron for wells. i def think they would have if they thought wells would play for them but thats a whole dif debate.

whoever said benson is better than wells is crazy. long-term value possibly but wells has proven he can win big games. that gives him a huge advantage over benson even if they were to post comparable stats which i would tend to disagree with.

any it all is a moot point cause i think wells would probably prefer to play for the red soxs at this point over the mets.

Of course Benson has more long term value than Wells right now..thats a no-brainer. And yes..wells did prove to win big games in the past....but if you've got wells pitching in big games..you got bigger fish to fry than trading for him. Isn't that what Pedro and Glavine are for?

What about the mets picking up weaver. he would fit nicely in that rotation.

I dont know being a Yankees fan I watched Weaver crack under the pressure of playing in new york I dont know if he could handle playing for the mets

In our rotation Weaver would probably be number 3 or 4, and I don't think his salary is going to justify pitching him there. I'm fine with:


I'm hoping Pelfrey blows the minors away. Giving Heilman competition for the 5th spot can only motivate him.

It's unbelievable how really weak the National league is now.

The rotations that some of these teams contend with is average at best.

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