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Cubs Shopping Maddux?

A good one from the rumor mill over at Gotham Baseball.  Unfortunately their page is not working right now so here's a link to MetsBlog's take on Gotham's report.  According to Gotham, Greg Maddux is being shopped.  Interested parties: Mets, Yankees, Brewers, Phillies, Diamondbacks, Royals, and Cardinals. 

The Cubs would essentially be reducing their rotation to "Carlos Zambrano and pray for a tornado," but Maddux is an impending free agent.  My opinion from a couple of weeks ago:  he's the same old Mad Dog, just with a well-timed hot streak.  Still, dealing him now would be a very early white flag for a Cubs team with a $94MM payroll.  Doesn't seem to compute.  And the obligatory intradivision thing must be cited for the Brewers and Cards.  I am surprised no West Coast teams have been mentioned.


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The Red Sox werent mentioned in this Rumor?There down a starter,What is the Cubs oppinon of Choi now that Lee is injured?

This "rumor" has to be bogus. First off, didn't Maddux once go on record as saying he would prefer not to pitch for any AL team (because of the generally tougher lineups)? Hard to imagine there isn't at least a "gentleman's agreement" with the Cubs' brass that would ensure he'd stay in the NL. I understand the whole "business of baseball" thing, but this idea just doesn't smell right.

Second, the teams being mentioned make no sense. I'd think there would be no way the Cubs would talk to the Brewers or Cards about it. The Diamondbacks can't possibly be expecting to contend in '06. The more likely candidates would be the Giants and Braves. Phillies and Mets, I'll believe.

Third, why would the Cubs do this? The NL Central is going to be tightly bunched for a while. Why would they trade their best starter currently?

I call BS.

The Mets have absolutely nothing of value to trade for a very good starting pitcher. Outside of Milledge and Pelfrey, the farm system is very barren of major league ready talent.

This rumor is absolute bullshit pardon my french. Maddux is the only guy throwing the ball well for the Cubs right now, and by no means are the Cubs throwing in the towel less than a month into the season. This is a BS rumor created by a bunch of foolishly wishful Mets fans. The fallout of this trade would be unbeliveable in Chicago. Let's just say if i happense I will shave my head bald. Maybe this deal goes down in July if the Cubs are way out of it, in which case I still doubt they'd move him.

While it seems hard to believe, I don't think Gotham's authors are just Mets fans making stuff up.

I don't believe this one either. I can't remember the Cubs really selling off parts, in recent history, but thats probably because I don't really keep up with them (I hate the Cubs more than any team in the whole world).

But just for arguements sake, I can't see the Cubs dealing him within the division, if they did, you should include the Astros as being suitors. I think only the Braves and Mets as being possible destinations.

I think the Cubs will try to pick up a starting pitcher, and the candidates include the man currently pitching against them. The Marlins are obviously shopping Willis, and if they'll take a package of prospects (Pie, Guzman or Hill, plus) rather than a David Wright-like established player, a deal with the Cubs makes sense.
He's only making $4 mil, so the Cubs can easily take on his salary. But if they're not getting a current all-star in exchange, the Fish may wait until they're out of contention to deal Willis.

might not be too crazy to deal maddux now while his value is probably the highest it ever will be... but only if the cubs could get some good prospects or major league ready talent to upgrade the current squad..

I don't know what this has rumor to do with Willis, Darin, but Peter Gammons just came out again and said the Marlins are not trying to trade Willis. He also said that the Wright for Willis trade was completely made up, and that he's talked to two GM's who have called the Marlins front office to ask about their ace, and both said they were rebuked.

As for the Maddox rumor, while I'm sure the Cubs can't be optimistic about their chances this year, I don't see why they would trade, quite literally, 1 of their only 2 effective and healthy starters. Maybe they'd be willing to trade him for some sort of package that would include a nearly-ready pitching prospect, but other then that, I don't see it happening.

desturb1, why are you pointing me out? I said nothing about Willis? My line only talked about the Cubs not having a history of selling off players for prospects for the most part. I think you have me mixed up. But since I am here. I'll say it again, I can't see the Cubs trading Maddux, unless they were blown away with an offer that they couldn't refuse.

It really makes no sense to deal Maddux....horrible PR move and bad baseball move in general.

I question the sources since this is so out of the realm of possibility.

There's that Six Degrees of Seperation involving the New York Metropolitans again...

No. GothamBaseball's writers are Yankees fans making stuff up.

Whoops, sorry Darin, my bad. I looked at the name above the post instead of the one below it. I meant Ugueth. My mistake.

Rumor what is the latest you have heard about Roger Clemens because this is what I heard,"It appears Roger Clemens has decided to pitch for the Yankees and is close to signing with them." I dont no how credible this is,what have you heard??

I read that Al Nipper thinks he's serious about the Red Sox...

I read that as well,They are best friends,I also read that the Astros dont what Clemens to come back thats what Peter Gammomns wrote

I still think Clemens comes back to the 'stros. They resigned Ausmus, which is a favorite of Clemens. They are producing runs at a much better rate than last year. He only has a 15 minute drive from his house to the ballpark. Pettite (another best friend) is still there. He gets to pitch in air conditioning at home all year long. He's been working out with the 'Stros during spring training.

I think his "retirement" tour was a ploy to be able to squeeze the most money out of the Astros as possible. But with the present starting pitching in Houston, they really don't look like they need him as much as everyone thought they would. Though anyone could use him.

I agree with nuge on this one .... I think that Gotham's is full of Met and Cardnials fans ... I belive I heard somewhere that Maddux did't want to play else where and retire in Chicago where he started his career. if the cubs were to trade away maddux, that would make the Cubs look dumb on their part. I have been a cub fan my whole life and seeing this is just total BS and junk. It is not true until I see proof

This is just another stupid ass rumor/speculation made by wana be sport writers. Im sick and tired hearing these kind of BS rumors that makes no sense, lol. Nothing against you Rumor, i hrtink ur site is good. However, whoever those Gotam morons are dont know how to make the right speculations.

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