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Marlins Made Crazy Offer To Mets

According to Jon Heyman, the Fish offered Dontrelle Willis to the Mets for David Wright this spring.  Sounds like something out of a fantasy league.

Baseball Prospectus projects Wright to be with about ten more wins than Willis over the next five seasons. I believe Heyman here.  His report definitely calls Jeffrey Loria's denials into question.  Sounds like the Fish are shooting for the moon with Willis, but he really does seem to be available.

What do you think of a Willis for Chase Utley deal?  Who wins, and why wouldn't it work?


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I think I might have just cut off my left testicle if we gave up wright for willis.

"What do you think of a Willis for Chase Utley deal? Who wins, and why wouldn't it work?"
Because Utley is already entering his prime. Wright, at 23, is already a better player. His numbers are Utley's equal in a MUCH tougher park.

I guess it COULD work. I'd actually love to see it!

Nobody trades players like David Wright. I'll leave it at that.

BTW. Did anyone see The King playing rock, paper, scissors with Guardado in the dugout? I'm very envious of M's fans.

I agree with all that, but since the Marlins were asking for way too much in Wright, that's why I think Utley is more on the same level.

Dontrelle Willis is a proven pitcher with a great future whereas we don't know what kind of year he would have in a normal sized park much less the marlins field. His power may be a product of the field he plays at like Vinny Castilla's was when he was with colorado.

I don't know that Willis for Utley would help the Phillies. They certainly need starting pitching, but at the expense of one of your two or three best offensive players? Willis may be worth 5 more wins over the next 5 years according to BP, but I think those figures would change with the two changing home parks.

Utley is still cheap enough as an everyday player that he is gold. Willis is gonna get very expensive very soon. We're continuing to see the effects of Jack McKeon, et all, abusing A.J. Burnett and I would not feel good about paying a premium price for another of his whipping boys.

I don't think the ballparks factor in as much as everyone wants to believe. Utley's OPS at home/road was .917/9.14, not a big discrepancy. Willis actually had a slightly better era on the road than at home this year. Coors Field is the only place that really seems to have guys put up phony numbers, but the thin air affects pitches as well as the ball's flight while these other parks are just a little smaller. If you're good, you're good and Utley, Wright, and Willis would be good in any ballpark.

Willis for Utley? Pshaw! Where would Mike Uggla play?!

i don't understand how offering one of the leagues BEST YOUNG pitchers(probably the 3rd best under 23) for one of the leagues BEST YOUNG hitters is unfair or ridiculous. don't tell me that in a year when the mets are without glavine, pedro and trachsel this team wouldn't trade wright for a garunteed #1 pitcher. i think willis is worth a top hitter and its tough to argue against that. a pitcher can single handedly KEEP a team in a game, a hitter can not.

oh, and just IMAGINE what rick peterson and slick feilding(reyes, delgado, beltran) would do for d-trains career. hes already lights out and his mechanics are awful.

Ok, I'm telling you. The Mets will not trade the face of their team and future #4 hitter for Willis. The backlash would be tremendous. Wright in just a year and a half has built up such a following that there would be angry mobs going for minaya's head if that were to happen. Plus we have Pelfrey and Zito on the horizon as well as Bannister.

I don't think any of us here thought the Mets would consider that trade.

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