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What To Do With Delmon Young

By now, we've all seen the video of Delmon Young's bat flip.  At least, ESPN was calling it a flip before the video came out.  They've kind of quieted on that now that we saw that Young really whipped that sucker.

Intent to harm is still a question mark...but when you throw a wooden object at that speed end over end in the direction of someone, you have to realize the distinct possibility of injury.  This eyewitness account stresses that he tossed and did not fling the bat, but I vote fling. 

The Young incident is far worse than Roberto Alomar's hocker.  In comparison, I don't know why we got so worked up over that.  Sure, it was gross and incredibly disrespectful, but Hirschbeck was never in harm's way.  The two are actually friends now.

Buster Olney made the point that if you suspend steroid users for 50 games, Young deserves at least as long.  Because steroid users are not putting anyone else in danger (except perhaps their friends and loved ones).  Kenny Rogers got 20 games for his cameraman thing.  How does this compare?  Young's infraction is probably worse.  I think we are looking at 40-50 games, which will definitely stunt his growth.  The Devil Rays will probably wait until 2007 to call him up. 


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Funny how this goes down and then a day later the minor league umps are back.

I would not be surprised to see him get suspended for the rest of the year.

I feel like 60 games and a hefty fine would be a good answer. It will definately kill his chance of playing in the majors this year. I am glad I didnt draft him in my fantasy league

Tim, if you were Commish, what would you do to Delmon? 50 games? Counseling?

I would go with Kyle's suggestion of 60 games. Pretty much makes 2006 a wasted year for him, and you know he's eager to get up to the bigs.

Counseling, just seems like something you do to make the public feel better about it. Maybe you just tell him that any incident along these lines in the future costs him an entire season without pay.

He should lose the rest of the season. Also didn't I see somewhere that he did this once before and was suspended?

(just playing devil's advocate but that called strike wasn't a strike!)

Also didn't I see somewhere that he did this once before and was suspended?

Two other incidents.

1. Early in 2005, while playing for Double-A Montgomery, Young was suspended for bumping an umpire while arguing a called third strike.

2. A week earlier, Young threw his bat in the air towards the pitcher after getting hit by a pitch.

The kid is mature and has great makeup. Were we just delusional? Is he so talented that we can overlook his misdeeds?

I say ban his ass from baseball for life, then hand him over to the authorities.

Completely out of line. This can't be tolerated... at all.

Geez, gavindow . . . just back from Abu Gharib?

j/k, dude. . ..

What I'd like to know is who handles the suspension? From the comments that Buster Olney was making it sounds like it'd be the comissioner of the Independance League or whatever league he was in. If that's the case what happens to the suspension if he is promoted or demoted to get playing time? Would the DRays even consider doing that?

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