Nats Want Milledge for Livan

I find it almost comical that Jim Bowden would demand Lastings Milledge in a trade for Livan Hernandez.  I know he wants to save his job with the next Scott Kazmir deal, but c’mon now.  The Mets aren’t that desperate, are they?

Hernandez has an ERA over 6 and is only 31 years old in theory.  He makes $8MM this year and $7MM the next.  Whether or not Milledge is worthy of all the hype, the Mets could do a lot better.  I still think Livan will come around and could help the Mets, but at that price they need look at internal candidates instead. 

Milledge is at .284/.440/.447 in Triple A at age 21.  The 17% walk rate is an excellent development, and you have to figure the 20 HR power will come with time.

The Nationals do need to find a way to stock up one of baseball’s worst farm systems.  Hernandez, Jose Guillen, Alfonso Soriano, Nick Johnson, and Brian Schneider should keep the hot stove boiling all summer.      

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