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Braves Swap Betemit For Baez, Aybar

I step out for a twenty minute jog, and another deal goes down.  Ned Colletti and the Dodgers made a nice move by snagging Wilson Betemit from the Braves for Willy Aybar and Danys Baez.

The Braves add another free-agent-to-be reliever with closer credentials in Baez.  While the 28 year-old has been more hittable than ever this season, he's compensated by posting career-low walk and home run run rates.  The hits may stem from a strikeout rate that's become dangerously low at just 5.26 per nine innings.  While Baez is a decent reliever overall, he's not the shutdown guy the Braves needed to differentiate their bullpen.

In Betemit, the Dodgers get an acceptable stopgap at third base for the rest of the season.  More importantly, though, they've acquired a young, cheap second base candidate who could put up an .800 OPS in regular duty for several years

Willy Aybar profiles as a poor man's Betemit and profiles as more of a utility infielder.  There's a good chance Willy can commiserate with his brother Erick soon enough.  Erick is the Angels' primary trade bait. 

Seems like John Schuerholz and Wayne Krivsky are a step behind the other GMs lately, trading away solid, affordable regulars for very questionable bullpen help.


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Remember when I told you I don't think the Braves have a chance at the wildcard...? :)

Yeah man...and if they do consider 6.5 games out with five teams to leapfrog having a chance, do these types of deals even make a difference?

"do these types of deals even make a difference?"

No. But JS had very little choice. 50 years of division titles will delude a team into believing anything is possible.

In 1993, when the Tomahawk's made their comeback to win the division after a double-digit deficit, they actually had GREAT starting pitching. This year, after Smoltz, their pitching has been disastrous.

Roto.. you don't like the Braves very much do you? This is an excellent trade. Baez is an upgrade to the pen and Cox is excellent at using relievers in the right situation. Aybar is going to be gooooood! He has a great swing, quick bat speed, and developing power. This guy is severely underrated with the young talent overshadowing Aybar in LA.

A few things....Baez stinks. Aybar is a good utility player, but the reason he is a utility player is that he isnt good enough to start regularly at any one position. Betemit could be a slightly above average 3B, but could be a well above average 2B, both defensively and offensively.

JS may be fading away, just like the Braves will at the end of August.

You got me; I don't. But I can promise that I would have the same critique of this deal no matter which team made it. Baez is an upgrade to the pen, sure.

But Nate Silver's work showed how little an addition like this actually helps a team's playoff chances. Even Abreu to the White Sox, which would have a relatively huge impact, probably doesn't add even two wins. So the impact here is minimal, and Schuerholz has swapped out Betemit for an inferior IF.

Roto, what are you, a Guardian Angel (Red Beret dudes)? Who jogs at 10:30???

Anyway, I don't really like this trade for the Braves, but then again, I really like Wilson Betemit.

Haha...day 3 of my new exercise regimen. I jog a little and drink less pop.

where is the post about the bell deal also. Plus, just curious, what is your team roto

Bell, I dunno if I feel like writing up. Maybe. I'm a Cubs fan.

David Bell is about as exciting as a piece of stale gum on the sidewalk.

Reminds me of when I tried to create a Jimmy Gobble rumor.

At least Gobble has an awesome name. Gobble gobble. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

You stoned Mike? LOL

Gobble gobble!

Interesting deal.

I can see the Braves being interested in Baez as a setup guy, which to me he's always seemed best at, anyway. I never drank the Kool-Aid on him being a legitimate closer, in Cleveland, Tampa Bay or LA. He's an upgrade over the rodeo clowns the Braves have been letting loose out of the bullpen all season, and can be a decent complement to Wickman, who's no lights-out Gossage-type himself.

But I can't see giving up Betemit for him, and not getting more than just Aybar in return. Aybar is a nice player, but...

Maybe there will be some truth to a position change for Saltalamacchia once Chipper is ready to hang them up.

As for LA, I would think Betemit could cover third for the rest of the year, and Izturis could move over to second while Kent is on the shelf, and that would strengthen their club. Betemit could move into a full-time role at second when Guzman or Andy LaRoche is ready to handle third.

LA comes up smelling like roses to me on this one...good dealing by Coletti.

Salty is not going to third, he is going to first and is heating up also

And so, with Salty ging to first, who is going to play third for the Braves in Chipper's golden years? I think it has to be Chipper; Salty (or Pits -- see Baseball Prospectus '06) will be a primse trade target between now and a year from now.

There's been talk before of Salty going to first, third or left.

And I don't know about heating up...a two-homer game isn't much heat. His average is still like .207

Been pretty much of a wash-out year for him. Let's see if he can handle making the adjustments in AA before we start clearing a locker for him in Hot 'Lanta.

Salty has also had a lot of trouble throwing runners out this year. Teams have been challenging his arm, and he has not been very good at throwing runners out.

Anyone else think this might be the first part of a Maddux-for-Izturis-or-Betemit deal?

Oh, Behave!

Interesting thought, MikeMeyer...you would have to say Izturis is expendable now (or at least when Kent comes off the DL).

If the Cubs could move Maddux to acquire Izturis, that might not be a bad move for both clubs.

I would have to think that they would have to give the Dodgers more than just Maddux for Betemit.

Maybe including Howry or Eyre, and Rich Hill might do the trick. Maybe Jerome Williams as a throw-in (reunited with Colletti, etc.)

I also wouldn't be surprised to see Izturis wind up somewhere else. The Mets sure could use him, but I don't know who they would deal to get him.

Small sample size for sure, but Salty is hitting .296/.500/.630 since returning from injury. Of course, this is in only 27 ABs, but he does have 11! walks to go with 3 homers.

Not that this means he is ready, but potentially is returning to form offensively.

In his first 214 ABs in the majors Aybar has posted a 36/28 BB/K ratio. Looks like a positive sign for his future development as an offensive weapon. I wonder who his PECOTA comparables will be after this season...

I like the deal. Essentially the Braves have dealt Betemit/low-minor league prospect for Wickman/Baez/Aybar/Cash. It could've been worse.

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