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Miguel Tejada Trade Update

Next up, Miggy.  Tejada got cold feet yesterday, saying that he wanted to stay in Baltimore and didn't want to move to third base.

Also, the Orioles have rejected the offer of Ervin Santana and Erick Aybar. Seems foolish.  According to Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun:

"If the Angels added another prospect to their package of Santana and Aybar, like possibly first base prospect Casey Kotchman, the trade could be completed. It is believed that the Angels' top two offensive prospects - Double-A shortstop Brandon Wood and second baseman Howie Kendrick - are not available."

Angelos!  We are talking about a young, established, effective starter in Santana.  Don't let this one slip away.  Jorge Arangure Jr. of the Washington Post adds Nick Adenhart's name to the mix as the possible third player coming from L.A.  My Angels source had named Adenhart as an untouchable player back on July 13th.

The Astros came in with a fairly weak offer of Morgan Ensberg, Adam Everett, and Fernando Nieve, as Will Carroll mentioned yesterday.  Zrebiec tells us that Baltimore turned this one down but is still talking with Tim Purpura.  Zrebiec calls Houston one of the favorites at this point.

The Rangers are in the game with Hank Blalock and prospects available, which would create a logjam at third for the Orioles.  The Dodgers are offering Cesar Izturis and prospects, and Rafael Furcal's name has come up as well.


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Hmm, I wonder if they'd take Mark Prior, zero wins and even less heart and Ronny Cedeno, zero talent, for Tejeda and Bedard. Oh wait, the moron Cubs fans would be in un uproar if they traded the Tin Man and 6+ ERA.

i wonder if the sox could work something out with the o's for miggy, maybe a miggy and kris benson for lester, wily mo/coco and hansen

As an Angel fan, I am glad, but also sad not to see this trade happen. Santana is young, established and successful at such a young age. Aybar is going to be very solid and possibly a star. All for Tejada who is only going to be on a team for 3 1/2 more years. Santana/Aybar will be a good foundation to start with. IMO, the Orioles are idiots for not accepting this trade but as an Angel fan, I am glad they turned it down. This only makes our team that much stronger for years to come. Way to go Orioles - your franchise is run by morons!

i agree with you, ervin santana is a pitcher you can build a rotation around, him berdard and cabrera could have been a very good threesome. the orioles will still be losers by the time miggys contract runs out

Exactly, I am so glad they turned it down and we aren't going to lose Santana. The Orioles would have a very formidable front 3. Not to mention they would also get Aybar who IMO is very good. I don't understand how the Astros have a better offer with all the ML level players they offered.

Lester, Wily Mo/Coco, and Hansen for Tejada and Benson? That would be the Worst. Trade. Ever.

Cabrera as a part of the rotation for the O's seems to be slipping farther and farther away. It seems that even in AAA he can't seem to hit the broad side of a barn. Until he gets his K/BB rate much farther from 1:1, he is useless.

This has to be the most ridiculous rumored trade offer yet.


Tejada for Oswalt, Ensberg, and Everett.

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