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Tigers Trade For Sean Casey

Latest from Ken Rosenthal: the Tigers have found their left-handed bat in Sean Casey.  Detroit gave up a minor league pitcher in the deal.

Casey makes $8.5MM this year, but the Reds are paying one million of that.  That leaves approximately $2.6 mil for the Tigers to cover.

Casey should get most of the time at first base, as the Tigers demoted Chris Shelton to make room for him.

In return the Pirates received right-hander Brian Rogers, not among Detroit's top 30 prospects entering the season.  The 24 year-old has worked in relief at Double A this year, posting a 2.39 ERA, 0.98 WHIP, and 9.7 K/9.  Rogers, a product of Georgia Southern University, was an 11th round pick in 2003.  He switched to relief last year and has put up good numbers since.


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Was this move even necessary? Smells like, doing something just to do something.

Shelton was sent down to AAA

Detroit made a good move today in landing Casey. He's a veteran bat with patience at the plate, something Detroit doesn't do well. Although, much like Texas and Carlos Lee, the Tigers need to get themselves another starting pitcher, and a reliable arm at that. Kenny Rogers should not be your lead horse come October.

Everyone needs another starting pitcher. Guess what. The price is far too high for what's available out there. Maroth is due back soon anyway.

Also, this isn't a bad move for the Tigers at all. Shelton has been struggling for a couple of months now. He's gotten in a bad habit of pulling a lot of balls instead of hitting to all fields as he did last year.

With all due respect, I don't think Kenny Rogers is the "lead horse" for Detroit, despite his Opening-Day starter status.

Justin Verlander and Jeremy Bonderman are clearly the pitchers that make the Tiger rotation formidable.

While I think Bonderman is overrated as a true top-of-the-rotation number-one ace-type, he's definitely a very solid #2 or #3.

Verlander is the true ace of this staff, now and in the future. And before anyone starts hemming and hawing about him being a rookie, remember that he's been all but totally-dominating all season long. Only Liriano has been better in the American League.

As I said, Verlander will emerge as the real ace of this Detroit ballclub, if not now, very soon in the future.

I agree that Verlander is the guy that will be at the head of the Tigers rotation for years to come. But come October, Kenny Rogers will start Game 1. Let's just remeber Rogers' playoff history. Detroit would be wise to add one more arm. Possibly Shawn Chacon of the Yankees.

I highly doubt Kenny Rogers would start Game 1 of any playoff series unless he gets back on track. Bonderman has been one of the better pitchers in baseball for the past month or so, and would probably get the honor if the playoffs started tomorrow.

Then again, what do I know? I'm just someone who's followed the team for as long as I can remember & watch nearly every game.

Haha, then I differ to you on this one. But as a Tigers fan, would you like to see them add another arm, or do you trust Maroth that much down the stretch to fill that slot?

I'm interested in seeing Verlander's sophmore year before declaring him the future ace of the staff. Don't get me wrong, his stuff looks great but last year so did zach duke...

Otherwise getting Casey is a far cheaper than Soriano.

Bonderman is our #1, verlander #2, and Rogers #3 we will prolly go to 6 man rotation when morth comes back to rest our young arms. Sean Casey was a great move we got him for practicly nothing .

I would not go to a 6 man rotation. You want those young guys as comfortable as possible. Giving them added time off down the stretch could hurt them.

I think it was a good trade for Detroit especially with shelton struggling. If Dmitri can keep going at the pace hes at the Tigers will be World Series Champions. There pitching staff is solid and so is there bull pen. I dont see any reason for the Tigers to add another starter. They could go with a solid six man rotation and if they only go with five then they will be solid.

To answer your question MLB, I'd love to add another arm, but I'm not willing to pay the price with prospects. Guys worth adding are just going to cost far too much.

The six man rotation will be temporary according to Leyland. His goal with it is to give the young arms a bit more rest & a chance to work more important innings in September & October.

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