Trade Rumor Roundup: 9 Days Left

Let’s see what we’ve got this morning in the non-Hillenbrand department…

This is cool: a commenter over at Viva El Birdos emailed Dontrelle Willis‘s agent, Matt Sosnick, asking about the latest trade rumor.  Meanwhile, Jayson Stark was adamant in his chat Friday that Willis will not be traded.

Enough with the Mike Lowell for Jake Peavy rumors, folks.  No. Freakin’. Way.  I know Buster Olney mentioned that Boston must’ve been targeting a notable pitcher given how well Lowell has played this year (.297/.349/.504) but Peavy isn’t going anywhere.  Plus, if you adjust Lowell’s production for PETCO Park it would be pretty close to league average for his position.

Could Mike Pelfrey be traded as a player to be named later?  The answer seems to be Yes, if named in January, and only if sent to an AL team.  MetsBlog tries to decipher MLB’s rules.  Of course, Pelfrey is not going to be traded.  But it’s good to know.

Gut feeling…I think the Brewers will trade Carlos LeeDoug Melvin is preparing for a deal, and I think this is an opportunity he can’t pass up.

What’s with the Indians picture next to George Kottaras?

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