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Mets Pursuing Shawn Green

According to the East Valley Tribune, the Mets are hot on the tail of Arizona right fielder Shawn Green.  Jack Magruder tells us:

"There are strong indications that the Diamondbacks will ask Shawn Green to waive his no-trade clause to facilitate a trade to the New York Mets, although Green said after Saturday’s game no such request has been made. The Mets asked the D-Backs about Green earlier this week, after he cleared waivers, sources said Saturday. 

While Green can veto a trade to a team other than San Diego, Anaheim or San Francisco, a deal to the Mets would reunite him with good friend Carlos Delgado, who was in Green’s wedding and played with Green in Toronto from 1993-99."

This week, the Mets have been using Endy Chavez, Lastings Milledge, and newly acquired Ricky Ledee in right field.  Chavez, 28, is playing the best ball of his career and is even showing a little pop (.436 SLG).  At .284/.349/.429, Green has a nearly identical stat line to Chavez.  Any improvement would be minimal, but perhaps the Mets could acquire Green without surrendering much.


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Man, just when I was starting to gain a little respect for the Mets' front office...

PLEASE take Sean Green...we don't even want anything back for him...just send us a draft pick....not even a good one. If this deal goes through Josh Byrnes better be naming his first kid Met Byrnes cuz the Mets would be doing him two HUGE favors...dumping Green's HORRIBLE contract and opening RF for Carlos Quentin. What a way to start my monday morning...!

How about Green and Quentin for nothing? (Kidding...sort of...)

Ok, so what's reasonable for Green? Roto, what's he worth for 07? He'll make about $13M between now and then. I'm guessing he'd be worth about $2-3M a year.

What about something like Green, Callaspo, and $9M for a worthless minor leaguer?

This won't happen because the Mets won't take him unless the D'Backs eat his salary, and why would they want to trade him and eat the salary? Especially when they could win their division (which they won't).

The DBacks won't eat the whole salary; I just suspect they're arguing over how much they'll eat. I think it will go down because Arizona knows that getting rid of him at almost any cost is worth it, and the Mets will likely overpay.

But what about winning their division? They're better off with Quentin as it is.

Assuming the DBacks get no talent back, I think giving the Mets $8M or less makes this a fantastic deal for them, and they'd probably still have to do it if they pay up to $10M.

But I bet the Mets are dumb enough to take $6-7M.

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