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Matsuzaka Bid To Top $30MM?

We had heard a lot of $20MMish estimates for the winning bid to negotiate with Japanese ace Daisuke Matsuzaka.

However, Joel Sherman's article yesterday quotes an NL GM who sets the over-under at $33MM.  Bob Bavasi mentioned $28MM as the highest figure he had heard when I talked to him earlier this month.  With more than ten teams looking to make competitive bids, $30MM+ is becoming more of a reality.

Sherman speculates that Scott Boras could ask for five years and $75MM on top of that posting fee.  Now we're talking a total of $21MM a season for the guy. 

The more you think about it, 5/75 is not an unreasonable amount for Boras to demand.  Boras has shown in the past with top draft picks that he is able to gain leverage in a situation where his client seemingly has none.  Why shouldn't Matsuzaka be paid like Roy Oswalt?  Matsuzaka is a full three years younger.

These kinds of demands are typically only met by the Yankees.  In A-Rod, Jeter, and Giambi, the Yanks have three $20MM players for 2007.  Randy Johnson gets $16MM and Bobby Abreu $15MM. 

My money is officially placed on the Yankees getting Matsuzaka.  Other teams just won't mess with that kind of payout and risk. 


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Re: Jose Contreras - Do the Yankees really want to get a guy in exactly the same situation? And would Matsuzaka want to sign for the Yankees? Why not wait a year and sign for someone you want to play for. 5/75 not bad for Matsuzaka? If you reference the 5/55 that Burnett got, 5/175 is roughly comparable. I know the FA class is different but still.. That posting fee is an initial one up cost, and Boras will not consider it relevant to the signing of his player, and nor should he.

The bid for him is not part of the payroll though, so the only thing that really matters is the contract. But the bid is awfully high, maybe the team that posted him wants the yankees to get him.

the raise to around 30 mill doesn't shock me at all, and as a sox fan as much as i hate to say it, when the yanks really want someone and the player doesn't have loyalty or desire to play for another team meaning it comes to money, the yanks always win.

Here is some things you should probably know / understand when analyzing the situation:

Matsuzaka (and Igawa too) have wanted to play in the big leagues for quite some time now. I guess waiting another year does look like the better option in our eyes, but that isnt the case for them. They want to play in the big leagues ASAP.

Japanese players really do not have too much of a preferance thing going on when it comes to deciding a team. They do not know much about teams and/or cities, so probably the only thing they would consider is if the team is play-off bound or not.

As for the money part, there are two facts one needs to know. One thing is that many Japanese players who want to challenge the big leagues are not doing it for the money. They are doing it as a challenge. The other fact is that the salary in the big leagues tend to be much higher than in Japan. (Matsuzaka who is the highest paid pitcher in the Pacific leagues is receiving around 3M / year, which is quite a bit less than the 10M or more he will be receiving next year) Maybe they might not get the salary they could get if they waited another year, but it is still probably going to be much more than what they are receiving now.

You never wait. It would just be dumb. First off he would be a year older and would get less money due to that, and secondly what if he got hurt? You should seek a pay day as quick as you could.

You guys make it seem like he would dread coming to the Yankees. I feel like most Japanese players would want to play for Seattle first and the Yankees second. The Yankees have big japanese following due to Matsui. They are probably right behind Seattle in most desirable places.

I wasn't honestly saying that Matsuzaka will skip if he doesn't like the team hes could be playing for, I was just putting the option out there. I know the yankees have huge following in Japan, and really, he wouldn't care, its not like he would see much of a difference between, NY, Boston, Chicago, etc etc.

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