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How about this headline at ESPN: "MLB Official: Ramirez might be dealt by Saturday".  Official, what? Can somebody please define what a "big league official" is to me? Anyone? Bat boys are officials – they have the ‘official MLB" ID cards.. the Reds cheerleaders have them too. With that kind of a headline, I’m guessing Manny goes nooooooowhere by Saturday. Sorry Buster, I had to bust your chops (no pun intended).

Ken Rosenthal at Fox Sports blatently told Mark McGwire today that he won’t get his HOF vote this year. I refuse to comment..

How many places did I read today that the Cubs have talked to Jason Schmidt’s agent more than once this off season? A few. Talk is cheap and ink drys. Do the deed, then tell me about it. Didn’t someone here predict Lugo would be joining Schmidt in Chicago three weeks ago? *wink* *wink*

Only in Pittsburgh is this possible – a deflationary contract was signed. The Pirates inked Damaso Marte to a two-year deal $1.3m less than the two team options the Pirates had on him. As Charlie said at the Bucs Dugout, that’s odd. Yep – it sure is.

Another odd media report came out today indicating the Pirates were interested in signing Jeff Suppan. Hmm.. I wonder if the Pirates plan to add in the rest of his 2003 salary in their 2007 offer?

What is it with the Reds having three or four receivers on their roster every year?

Barajas is the new Jays receiver. Or, is he? Yes he is. No wait, he isn’t. Have you ever seen so much excitement played in the media over two B/C players? Unbelievable.

Speaking of not having a clue, if you are up for a great laugh read Ed Eagle’s column at MLB today where he gave Pirate fans the opportunity to discuss what they would do if they were GM for a day. Eagle reached deep into his in-box to make all Pirate fans proud presenting some of his responses, like these:

"I would send Castillo, Shane Youman and cash to the Arizona Diamondbacks for Chad Tracy."

"This is what I propose: Maholm, Eldred and Damaso Marte to Tampa Bay for Crawford."

ok.. just one more.. I saved the best for last —

"Since Alex Rodriguez thrives in small-market settings, as GM for the day I would try to trade Duke, Maholm or Gorzelanny along with Salomon Torres and Castillo, for A-Rod… The Yankees would have to pay for some of his contract, but we could do it."

No, he didn’t print my response that said:

"I would resign."

Jake at Bucco Blog

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