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Kei Igawa: Plan B To Matsuzaka?

It appears that both the Mets and Yankees were scouting 27 year-old lefty Kei Igawa Tuesday night against the MLB All-Stars.  He'll be an option for teams looking overseas for pitching that are reluctant to break the bank.  However, David Wright was not impressed:

"Asked if Igawa's pitches were major-league quality, Wright hedged a bit.

'I just don't know,' Wright said. 'I'd have to see him when he's in midseason form. You send a guy up there after a month layoff and you can't get a handle on a guy. But as far as a lefty goes, he has a sneaky fastball. I thought he threw, for a lefty, an average to above-average fastball, an above-average changeup, and his slider was a little flat. But with a month off, who knows? Could be any number of reasons.'


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Pretty interesting. I hadn't seen any scouting reports on Igawa yet. My guess is, Mets nab DMat and the Yanks get Igawa as a consolation prize. How much is Igawa supposed to cost?

I wonder what the Yankees are saving their money for if they don't intend to win the Matsuzaka bid?

Igawa is not a good Plan B or consolation prize for Matsuzaka. I don't know what anyone else has read, but the things I've read about him have been pretty average and somewhat unimpressive. Not bad, but certainly nothing that wows me.

Let's face it this is a year of horrid consolation prizes. People shut out from Schmidt or Zito will probably end up with Gil Meche or Adam Eaton. Teams looking for corner outfield power who miss out on Soriano and Carlos Lee have the unenviable task of going after Cliff Floyd, Trot Nixon, or Luis Gonzalez.

Not good. Some teams are going to have a lot of money to chuck away on mediocrity and teams will end up with a stocking full of coal this Christmas. I'd like to see a GM explain to the fans how obtaining, I don't know, Juan Pierre and Gil Meche for a combined $17 million a year is anything to get excited about.

Notice they said both New York teams are scouting him. That means one thing......Boston won the bid, lol. But I heard that 70% of japan thinks that Igawa wont make it in the big leagues. That must be hard to take if your Igawa, maybe he'll pitch with a chip on his shoulder.


1 inning of Igawa

Extremely small sample but Seems to have inconsistent mechanics and misses wildly on a lot of pitches. Plus stuff though.

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