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Kenny Williams, Dealmaker

Either Ken Williams is keeping busy at the GM meetings, or the reporters covering the Sox have very fertile imaginations.  I'm sure the truth is somewhere in between.  In addition to the Andruw Jones deal I mentioned in the previous post, here's a roundup of possible White Sox moves:

Chris De Luca reports
on a possible Freddy Garcia / Ervin Santana swap.  Oddly enough, his sources say that the "package" would be built around Santana.  Garcia might be a better pitcher right now, but just barely: last year, Garcia was worth 15 win shares, while Santana was worth 13.  Santana's younger, and is under the Angels control for four more years.  Bill Stoneman couldn't covet Garcia that much, could he?  South Side Sox chimes in on the improbability of that deal.

De Luca also repeats the thinking that Williams could bring Aaron Rowand back, especially if the Phillies land Alfonso Soriano.

Phil Rogers has a flurry of rumors, some of the recycled variety.  He keeps stoking the flames of Javier Vazquez-to-the-Mets, and suggests there's the makings of a "monster deal" between the Sox and Rangers with Vazquez or Mark Buerhle headed to Texas.  Rogers is clearly speculating, but if his source is correct that John Danks is in play, there's certainly the possibility of something getting done.

By Jeff Sackmann


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Garcia for Santana? OK ill take it and how about Vazquez and Anderson for Jones. OK. too bad the Angels and Braves would have to agree to these

if the sox can get aaron rowand back that would be great. i've always loved him.

i honestly dont want him back as much as he helped in 05, i think that was his peak year, and id rather have anderson at this point and jones more than both

He can keep stroking the Met thing, but they have no interest in Javy at all for what Chicago's asking.

I think the braves would rather go for figgins, saunders n someone else for jones. But im a lil uneasy about santana for garcia....

Why would the Angels even consider something like this?

Idk santana is way to young and in 2 yrs he has over 20 wins! Thats way more then wut was expected of him. I mean come on the first four hits off of him in his mlb debut were single, double, triple, home run n now he is one of the better pitchers we have to offer!

yeah nom3k i heard they want milledge and pelfrey or heilman and pelfrey or somethin. i wouldnt trade pelfrey for vasquez straight up, let alone throwing another guy in

Whatever the case, Williams is up to something, and it mostly likely involves a closer. The Plain Dealer reports this morning that word around the GM meetings yesterday was that Ken Williams had a "big move" planned that could spring into action today or tomorrow.

After that, it's all speculation.

Why would I say closer? I meant starter.

As a Sox fan, I honestly can't see why the Angels would make this move. I would love it if they did, but I just don't get it from their standpoint.

The only thing I can think of, and maybe there's some validity to this, is that Freddy was 4 outs away from pitching a perfect game against the Angels. Maybe that game is etched in their collective memories?

Freddy finished strong, and of all the White Sox starters who struggled last year, I think he has the best chance of rebounding. The splitter he added made him much more dangerous, and he seemed to recover from his half-season long dead arm.

descolores said it all in the first post. I dont even need to read the rest of the crap on this thread.

the problem with these 2 scenarios is that the other team needs to agree.

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