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L.A. Teams In Mix For Big Unit?

According to the New York Daily News, you can add the Angels and Dodgers to the list of teams interested in the suddenly-available Randy Johnson.  Furthermore, Roger Rubin and Bill Madden name the Padres as Johnson's most likely suitor right now.  This thing has expanded beyond his hometown Diamondbacks.

The paper writes that the Yanks already have some offers on the table.  From the Dodgers' point of view, their interest in Johnson may only be in keeping him away from division rivals.  Perhaps a starter would go back to New York in such a deal.

Johnson's agent hasn't been looped in yet, but Brian Cashman will need the pitcher's consent in any deal.


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Hmm... I think Johnson will approve any trade out of NY as long as its to LA Teams, SD or Arizona. I think he just wants to be close to home now.

I know Cashman would rather not pay any part of his salary, but if paying like 6 million this year returns a good package, he should do it.

The Yankess are worried about payroll and notpaying anything or even, most of his salry will kep them from getting anything good in return. He is coming off a season where he ahd an era over 5 and back surgery in the off-season. Who's gonna give up a good prospect AND risk 16 million on someone who may not be more than a good #4?

Also, they didn't mention it but I guarante you they're doing this so they have the room and cash to give Clemens whatever he's asking for when he comes back.

Or perhaps Zito?

The Yankees are not worried about payroll. Apparently Johnson asked them to investigate trade possibilities and if anything, Cashman has shown an ability to restock the farm system through trades of veterans - not a single trade was made for monetaty purposes.

Johnson's still a good 2nd tier starter, and assuming his health (which any team will verify with a physical) is a better bet than Zito, especially with only a one year contract.

They'll have cash for Clemens regardless of what happens to the rest of the roster.

They're not stupid - they start with "we want your best prospect and we're not paying anything" and they'll end up with a pretty damn good prospect while paying some of his salary.

The best thing, from a trade rumor perspective, about the RJ asking to be dealt closer to his family is it makes the no-trade clause barrier moot.

If Cashman adds legitimate prospects/major leaguers, he will have done a brilliant job rebuilding the Yankees farm system.


I would absolutely love to see this trade fully expand to a blockbuster worthy of breaking news galore.

Yankees send Alex Rodriguez and Randy Johnson + 30 million to The LA Angels.

Angels send Brandon Wood, Ervin Santana and Kendry Morales.

This trade benefits each team tremendously. A-Rod would be enabled to return to his natural position of shortstop allowing Orlando Cabrera to shift over. Randy Johnson gives the team a possible power lefty whose back should be better in the warmer, less humid conditions.

From the Yankees point of view, they get young, something that they have lacked for quite some time. Santana is the most expendable pitcher for the Angels it seems. Brandon Wood is an absolutely terrific hitter, yet some are still concerned about his strikeouts. Wood would not be required to be the man in the Bronx, and could just show off his raw skill. Morales is the right handed first basemen the Yankees crave. Casey Kotchman is recovered from a horrible bout with mono and is the Angels' future at first.

To me, it seems that this trade is a no-brainer for both teams.


Johnson isn't a 4th/5th in the rotation. He's a 2nd/3rd guy. Check his peripherals. His ERA was inflated last year, but his WHIP was good at 1.2, BABIP was normal.

He's no longer an ace, but he isn't crap. And if he goes back to low pressure Arizona or laid back Cali, he might do better.


That trade makes no sense. ARod + 30 million alone should net those players. If Yanks are giving up ARod + Randy + 30 million they better get more than that. If the Yanks trade ARod (which won't happen) it should be to the Dodgers. Get him out of AL, get Andy LaRoche (good 3B) and Billingsley and another prospect. But that's a pipe dream.

Haha... want a wild, made up trade?

ARod + money (lots of it) to Royals for Gordon, Teahen, and Greinke (?). That would be hilarious. ARod in KC. How fitting. Pesky no-trade clause.

Cashman is in a very good position here. teams in the same division are trying to trade for him to keep the other from trading for him. If this goes on the price for RJ would just go up. Dont be surprised if Cashman trades him for an A or B prospect and he wouldn't even have to pay for his salary.

i was looking at the padres top prospect list and it didnt excatly get me excited. if the yanks did end up trading RJ 2 the padres, they would have 2 obviously give up more than just linebrink. mayb cesar carrilo, one of their top pitching prospects and linebrink?

I still think if SD is involved one of their 2 young catchers would be included. Probably Bard and Linebrink would do it just so yanks don't go crazy with luxury tax money when Zito or Clemens comes aboard

why dont the friking cardinals get on the mix.
they can offer tyler johnson, jaime garcia or looper and a minor prospect. or heck straight up for chris duncan.

wainright, then mulder
wells, then wainright

should be best in the nl central.

then they can use wells for trade bait in the deadline with maybe juan encarnacion or so.

the yankees will make this move and will attain chad tracy in the deal. he would fit nicely in our 1b void

Chris Duncan for RJ?

Is that serious?

chris and a prospect or reliver

they yankees need a first base and a reliever.

umm...Merry Christmas yankee fans?

Why thank you stupid national league teams, merry christmas to you as well.

Anyone else notice it is almost always New York media outlets starting rumors that Westcoast teams want such and such has-been/top prospect? All I heard last year was how "badly" Billy Beane wanted Milledge and Heilman, for Zito of all people, yet out here in CA/the Bay Area, not one word was being talked about except to report that an NY paper said so. When it came time to the deadline and I was hearing the Mets were "close" to landing Zito, the day OF the deadline, Billy Beane hadn't talked to Omar since early May. How many NY reported trades involving a highly touted prospect or an over the hill has-been(RJ) have happened that was first reported by an NY media outlet and not mentioned anywhere else? I'd love to see some sort of % showing how many of these rumors actually happen...

What about James Loney and a prospect for Randy Johnson.

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