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Randy Johnson Projection

For the fantasy baseball geeks out there, check out my Randy Johnson projection at RotoAuthority.  And for the Yankee fans, here's my take on Kei Igawa (yes, I know that he has a third pitch).  Where do you stand on these two southpaws?  Make your projection and have it preserved forever in the comments.  Other odds and ends:

Lot of Alex Rios rumors floating around, but nothing I can confirm.  I did verify that Rios placed at #41 on D.A. Humber's Top 50 Awesome Players list.

Southside Sox weighs in on the McCarthy/Danks trade.  Well reasoned.  And then on the other end of the spectrum, there's this.  The silliest argument against Kenny Williams's decisions this winter: "Remember when the Sox had a fifth starter competition, with guys I never heard of, and it didn't work out?  That proved that John Danks et. al can't possibly succeed."

Word on the street is that Baseball Prospectus injury analyst Will Carroll may be taking his baseball services over to ESPN.

Does anyone else feel a void in their life without Buster Olney's blog for a week?


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"Just look at that photo in the middle there. You need any more proof of the awesomness of Rios? Why? He totally Bo Jacksoned that bat. Unfortunately, a few days later he had some weird staph infection in his leg that sidelined him for, like two months.

But Rios totally broke out this year and showed he's a superstar. His glove needs a bit of work, but his bat is totally off the chain, and his arm is explosive. This guy may not have been able to play in the AllStar game this year due to injury, but his flash and skill totally have him primed to be in many more to come."

um did whoever write this really just say the best defencive right fielder in the game needs to work on his glove? or should I go back to bed and read it again later.

yea that list totally sucks.

I dont think he mentioned Ichiro Dev0

Ichiro wasn't anything special last year and the Mariners are growing as tired of him as he is of them, he whined like a little baby when he had to play CF this year.

Roto - As for missing out on Buster Olney, he's nothing special and infact can be as idiotic as the guys who work for ESPN...

i wouldnt give much credability to that list, what is it based on? because i dont think its what those players have done in the big leagues. look at the players ahead of Rios..
32. Marco Scutaro
38. Carlos Quentin
39. Vinnie Chulk
24. Eric Byrnes
that list, whatever

i want to know ..what players are being rumoured in a Rios trade? ive heard Brad Penny, Rich Harden, Dan Haren, Javier Vazquez, Clay Hensely and Scott Linebrink. who else is there? id like for Ervin Santana to get involved, but i dont see the Angels interested in Rios.

The Angels haven't been rumored to be interested in Rios because that would take intelligence, something Stoneman doesn't have. The A's trading Rich or Dan is laughable...

I like Danks well enough, but that's not "well-reasoned" that's just more homer ass-kissery. This would all be more convincing if two weeks ago it weren't McCarthy ass-kissery after Garcia was traded (McCarthy will be far better than Garcia!!!) [note: I could actually agree with that but it simply looks now whatever trade is made is the right one - I disagree.]

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