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Rosenthal's Latest Update

Ken Rosenthal has some fresh hot stove for us.

He says that the Cubs are still going after both Ted Lilly and Gil Meche.  They are also looking into outfielders Kenny Lofton, Cliff Floyd, and Ryan Church.  It's a little early in Matt Murton's career to be platooning him, yes?

Rosenthal adds the Mariners to the Miguel Batista suitors.  The Cards and Royals and also still in the mix.


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I'm exceedingly lukewarm about Lilly and Meche, but regardless of what happens on those fronts, I'll be happy if Church come over to play CF and Floyd comes over to be the 4th OF/backup 1B/primary PH.

Neither Lilly or Meche are gonna be top notch pitchers, but they would be an upgrade from last year's rotation. I believe it will be good enough with a potent lineup putting up runs???? I would love to have Lofton for a 1yr contract at $3-5MM. That way we can have Pie stay in the farm system for 1 more year so he will be ready in '08 when we can actually contend.

Floyd against righties and Murton against lefties would give you well above league average production for left fielders....maybe even all-star caliber production.

If the Cubs need to find a platton partner, it should be for Jones, not Murton. Jones has a .677 OPS against lefties while Murton is stil decent against righties with a .782 OPS. His OPS against lefties is .870. This kid is too good to platoon at this stage in his career until he shows that he can't hit righties at all (like Jones HAS proven against lefties).

I would love the prospects of getting Lofton and Floyd if we are able to deal Super Jacque for Jason Jennings.

You have a starting outfield of

Murton, Lofton, and Soriano across the diamond...or

Floyd, Lofton, and Soriano.

Even an outfield of
Murton, Soriano, and Floyd would be okay.

Also, if we get Floyd im alight with not getting Lofton, because we have a decent guy in Angel Pagan who would have had a pretty decent season without his early season injury and nosedive in September. In July and August he batted .284/5HR/13RBI/3SB. Kenny Lofton hasn't even hit 5 homeruns in an entire season since 2003. I dont think Pagan can compare with Lofton speed wise, but maybe thats a bullet you bite for a little more power...not bad either way for a 4th outfielder.

And if we do pull off this Jennings trade and get Lilly the rotation isn't too bad.

Rich Hill
Ted Lilly
Jason Jennings
Mark Prior/Gil Meche/Wade Miller

Ive seen much worse in recent years for our Cubbies.

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