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The Market For Jason Jennings

The Denver Post has the latest on hot trade commodity Jason Jennings.

The Phils are now out of the running after acquiring Freddy Garcia.  This leaves the Astros as the top candidate.  Troy Renck says "the Rockies are eyeing  24-year-old starter Jason Hirsh, reliever Dan Wheeler and center fielder Willy Tavares."  Renck notes that Houston's interest will heighten if Andy Pettitte signs with New York.  The three-player haul mentioned here certainly seems to top what the White Sox got for Garcia, a fairly comparable pitcher for 2007. 

The Blue Jays and Mets remain plenty interested if other options don't work out. 

Ted Lilly, Gil Meche, and Vicente Padilla are all off the market.  Left in Tier 2:

Jason Jennings
Jeff Weaver
Jeff Suppan
Miguel Batista

Batista may be the next to go.

UPDATE:  Should Houston acquire Jon Garland, they'd obviously no longer be the frontrunner for Jennings.


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The Houston Chronicle reports that the Astros set to announce the acquisition of John Garland from the White Sox. No word on the players involved, other than a rumor of Willy Taveras and pitching prospect. Obviously that would mean they are out of the running for Jennings. Unknown what it means for Pettitte.

The Astros are set to announce a trade with the Chicago White Sox of Willy Taveras and Taylor Buchholz for Jon Garland. See www.houstonchronicle.com.

Does the rumor mean Hirsh, Wheeler and Taveras? No freakin' way they give all that up for Jennings.....

I have been told by numberous astro fans that the stros have money set aside for Pettitte and the Rocket if they come back. Is this not the case anymore? All the sudden im hearing how they dont have any more money to for either of those guys. To me that is ridiculous

Troy Renck says "the Rockies are eyeing 24-year-old starter Jason Hirsh, reliever Dan Wheeler and center fielder Willy Tavares."

Are you kidding me???!!!?!!!?! That would be such a stupid trade for the Astros. Rox need to jump on that if they get the chance.

1) How the hell is Jennings comparable to Garcia?

Are you on crack?

Shouldn't this site be administered by someone who has been a fan longer than 2 months?

2) If the Rockies get Hirsch alone for Jennings, it will be a coup.

Anything on top of Hirsh is gravy.

Jennings is insanely overrated.

"Jennings is insanely overrated."

How is he comparable to Garcia. what an ignorant question. Just because Jennings isnt in a big market and doesnt get coverage on your precious baseball tonite doesnt mean hes not a good pitcher. Garcia has been on a very publicized Mariners team and White Sox team... JUST BECAUSE A GUY IS FROM A SMALL MARKET TEAM AND YOU HAVENT HEARD MUCH ABOUT HIM DOESNT MEAN THEYRE BAD!!!

baseball fan,

are u so dumb that their respectuve markets is the oly difference u see here?

How 6 consecutive seasons of mroe than 200 innings pitched? (Go ahead and see how many pitchers have done that in the modern era.)

How about approximately a 3/1 K/BB ratio all thsoe years?

See how many pitchers do that for even one season.

How about a sub 1.30 WHIP throughout thsoe seasons?

How about a world series ring, during which he dominated the playoffs?

Why do casual fans cmoe to message boards and post arguments?

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