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Reds Talking To Chris Reitsma

David O'Brien of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution writes that 29 year-old reliever Chris Reitsma will not be returning to the Braves on a lesser contract.  Yesterday we learned that the Marlins are not involved either.  Six teams have made offers to Reitsma, and he's well into negotiations with the Reds.

Reitsma formerly pitched in Cincinnati before he was traded to the Braves in March of 2004.  He had elbow surgery in July and hopes to be ready by spring training.  I'm no doctor, but I know that is different than Tommy John.  Even in the midst of recent struggles, Reitsma has always gotten groundballs.  He could be a setup candidate for the Reds or even force his way into an unstable closer situation.     


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Hi Roto...

Just felt bad for this poor rumor with no comments. So I thought I'd just write something...

Is your Mets source telling you anything these days???

See, took it off topic...and about the Mets...which should pick things up soon.

Hi roto... Im new here... love the site and finally decided to register... anyways, I was a little bit surprised to see that the Reds were talking with Reitsma. Based on what Krivskey has done so far, it seems as though he is trying to build his own team, without bringing guys in from with Jim Bowden was GM. Shows why Reds took Conine over Aaron Boone, why they decided not to even talk with Sean Casey, etc. anyways, love the site! Keep it up

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