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Hunter Expects To Leave Twins

If I were a betting man, I'd bet that Torii Hunter will not be a Twin in 2008.  Hunter agrees, though it doesn't seem like he'll let it become a distraction.

Say he hits free agency and asks for a four-year deal to cover his age 32-35 seasons.  PECOTA would offer him a $34MM deal.  PECOTA would then be turned down and counteroffered 4/52 or so from Hunter's agent.

The 2007-08 offseason is notable for its selection of center fielders.  Hunter, Ichiro Suzuki, Eric Byrnes, Mike Cameron, Andruw Jones, Corey Patterson, and Aaron Rowand are all set to hit the market.  Teams with openings could include the Orioles, Red Sox, Twins, White Sox, Athletics, Rangers, Braves, Marlins, Phillies, Astros, Cardinals, Pirates, Reds, and Padres.   


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Would Boston really be interested in an outfielder after the season? If the hype surrounding Jacoby Ellsbury is to be believed, it seems they've already got quite a surplus, with Crisp and possibly Willy Mo becoming expendable. Given the number of OF'rs that will be available and Boston's payroll, I suppose they're worth mentioning...but unless they swap Manny, I'd be surprised to see them in the market.


On the Zambrano for Hughes Trade. Baseball America decided to give it a go.

Hunter will get 14-15 million a year. So something like 5/75 is possible if the market remains like last season.

First of all, Ichiro and Andruw Jones should never, under any circumstances, be mentioned in the same sentence as Eric Byrnes, Mike Cameron, Aaron Rowand and Corey Patterson...

You mean like "Anruw Jones and cash to the DBacks for Eric Byrnes"?

I think that has a nice ring to it.

i got some news here guys, not sure if true

but its reported johan santana signed an extension worth about 78m for 5 years.

again, i dont know if this is true, but again this is after all a rumor site.

Well, where'd you hear it?

Sounds like too little.

why is boston on this list isn't crisp locked up for 2 more years i could be wrong i thought he signed a 3 year extension when he had the broke finger

that santana thread is a week old we would have heard more about it

wow, what an idiot i was, didnt read the date.

Boston are on this list for good reason.

Crisp was brought in to leadoff, if he is not leading off or batting 2nd (probably youk) he is batting 8th, and has no value. He is fast, but low OBP, and poor arm in the outfield, Crisp is not making it past this season in a Sox uniform.

Wily Mo Pena offers more at the plate batting 8th and will see his chance.

Drew is set in the Sox outfield, Crisp/WMP are not, and does anyone honestly think Manny is set?

The guys on this list that can hit for power are going to get interst from the Red Sox.

The Sox need more power hitting, Lugo, Youk, Crisp, Varitek, Lowell, Pedroia already occupy 2/3 of their lineup. That is too many supporting players for the 3-4-5 of Papi, Manny and Drew.

If Abreu is out, Damon has said he would move to right for Hunter, I would assume the same for Jones, and Ichiro can play CF or RF. Just speculating, personally I would love to have them, but I like the direction the yanks are going, away from all the evil empire stuff.

To clear up the log jam in the Boston OF would the Braves finally trade Andruw like in July to Boston who has shown interest in him for Crisp and Wily Mo. Solves Atlantas lead-off problem and gives them another strong bat in the lineup.

do the sox seriously need more hitting with that pitching staff? lowell hit 20 bombs last year, and varitek can still hit if he's healthy. i could see them upgrading for defensive purposes, but 1-7 in their order looks pretty solid to me, and if pedroia gives you anything you could just let crisp hit 9. then it would be a bonus if he ever got on base. if i'm the sox i'm focusing more on trying to acquire joe nathan r/n than andruw jones/torii hunter

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