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Looking For Some Help

I'm looking some help regarding my fantasy baseball guide.  Let me explain:

I sell a fantasy baseball guide; it's in Excel format.  To make it smaller, I make it into a .zip file.  So far, I have just been sending the guide to each customer as an email attachment (it's about 1.2 MB currently).  I've used an email service called BlueTie that allows for this; it's worked OK so far.

Each week, I re-send the Guide to all customers with updates included.  So it is a weekly mass email of a 1.2 MB file to each person.  Issues: 

1. Some people have trouble receiving attachments via email.
2. The cool features I can add to the guide are limited since I need the file size to be small if it's sent as an attachment.
3. I like the idea of hosting the file somewhere as a password-protected download, but have no idea how to do this and whether it's affordable.  I assume I'd have to pay for bandwidth.
4. Everything has worked OK so far using BlueTie. However, BlueTie made a fatal error this evening by sending more than 10 of the same email to every customer! How can I make sure this never happens again?

If you can help me solve these IT-type issues, please email me at mlbtraderumors@gmail.com with your ideas.  I'll pay you for this project, should it become a project.  Thanks.


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look at stuffit.com. I don't know a whole lot about it..just used it for work a couple of times. But it compresses large files easily, better than .zip. The program looks like it's 39.99 but there could be a trial version free for download.

Check out yousendit.com

You can send any file up to (I believe) 100 MB for free. It stores the file on its own server, then sends an e-mail with a link to whoever you want. There might be a limit on the number of downloads, but I'm not really sure...I usually only use this service to send zipped up CD's to my friends. Worth looking into, at least.

i would simply post the guide on a secure location and then use a password system for your subscribers; at their leisure they can access the guide and also download it if they want

using an email system for a 1.2 mb file every week for all your subscribers is a big headache; instead, your emails could simply let your subscribers know that a new update has been posted

i'm a programmer, and this is what i would do

I hear ya...now to find a guy service that lets me send the simple mass emails at a reasonable price. Any suggestions? Not a fan of BlueTie; considering Jangomail.

I'd use a filesharing site like yousendit mentioned above, or better still rapidshare.de.

While there's a risk that the URL for the link might become public knowledge, if you uploaded it as a .zip or .rar file which was password protected, and emailed just the link and password to customers, that would be a bit more secure, as nobody would be able to unzip the spreadsheet without the PW.

If you wanted to build in a bit more security you could even upload several versions with several passwords, and send different subscribers different ones. That way if it got leaked, it'd be a smaller number of people who were implicated - might discourage them from taking that risk (they don't have to know how many versions you've uploaded, right?)

If any of this doesn't make sense but sounds like a possible answer, and you want more details, feel free to drop me an email. Rapidshare.de can easily host files much bigger than a couple of mB, so your extra functionality can be built in without problems :)

I bought the guide and have had no trouble using it or receving it and i only have outlook express at home. I can see how many folks might not have excel. It's a fine body of work. I like the sleeper section--some of the rationale you used for your values is quite interesting and I already e-mailed you as to my ( and Bill James') agreemment with you on Rich Hill. For $9.95 it's a REALLY useful document. My intent is that as i conduct drafts--i'll have it open and i've already started stacking and weighing pitchers and position players in my own order in one of the tab sections of your doc. Nice work!

dude, all you need is a competent web programmer (server-side languages like php,asp,perl, or asp dot net) and a database (if worse comes to worst or cheap comes to cheap, then a simple ms access db will do)

i've already envisioned the process; should only take 1-2 nights to do; find yourself a solid coder for cheap

what levelboss said!!

I did a fast google for "digital download management systems" and here are the results.


Your solution is in there somewhere as I suspect there is an existing serverside script that will handle it all. And I suspect whatever hosting service you already use will include a SQL or MySQL DB you can adapt the scripts to use....

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