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Pavano On The Trade Market

Pretty much anyone you ask would tell you Philip Hughes is likely to outpitch Carl Pavano this year.  Any projection system or scout would tell you that the Yankees will win more games with Hughes as the fifth starter than Pavano.  Why then is Pavano, and not Hughes, penciled in as the team's fifth starter?  The reason is that Pavano is due $23 million over the next two seasons. The Yankees want to get something out of him.

Best move for everyone would be to trade him.  Jon Heyman of SI.com tells us that the Rockies wanted the Yankees to cover $15MM of the $20MM remaining on his deal.  (Although I do believe Pavano is owed $23MM if you include his buyout).  Maybe that means Colorado would take Pavano at the price of $8MM over the next two seasons?  Who wouldn't?  Ramon Ortiz just got three mil.  However, at this point the Rockies don't need any more starters.

Heyman goes on to say that if Pavano can show promise this spring, the Yanks might get a team to take on $12-13MM of the money owed to Pavano.  So, the team would pay $10MM over the next two seasons.  Still not too bad, especially for an NL club looking to get creative (Cardinals?) 

Pavano is on a rigorous workout regimen in hopes of returning to a Major League mound and redeeming himself.


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if the cardinals can get him cheap, like in a package of braden looper and eli marrero, its gonna happen, cardinals dont need antoher "if".

but doesnt he have a no trade clause?

but doesnt he have a no trade clause?

If they hadnt signed Mientkiewicz, I would say trade Pavano for Duncan, but not anymore. I dont know what the Cards would have that would interest the yankees.

Good point...he does have a NTC...but maybe he would waive it to get out of NY.

I haven't seen anyone projecting the Yankees rotation doing better with Hughes starting the season at the major league level. He's yet to even pitch in AAA. To say he'll even come up this season is assuming quite a bit.

Cardinals wouldn't offer anything more than a career minor leaguer for him and his terrible contract. Maybe they'd give up something of value if the Yanks cover 80% of the remaining money owed to Pavano.

100% he'll come up this season. A lock.

And PECOTA, ZiPS, anyone projects performance at the Major League level and has Hughes doing quite well.

I would like them to do that. And I believe Pavano will be of good use to another team.

I wouldn't trade him now. Hopefully with a few starts in spring training so we could get something useful in return. If we traded him now, we would be about $20 more mil for a bag of used balls, which I guess is better than a gutless pitcher who prolonged his DL stay because of a bruised ass.

Seems to me that trading him now would be an awful lot like Boston trading Arroyo last season. The 5 guys pencilled in right now are Wang, Mussina, Pettitte, Igawa, and Pavano. Of the first four, Pettitte and Mussina are old injury risks. You don't know what you're going to get with Igawa; I've read servicable 4th or 5th to above-average long-man. And they don't want Hughes, who has had some arm issues in the past himself, to overdo it; I think they plan to hold him to 160 innings this year. Maybe they sign Clemens, or maybe they don't...but if they deal Pavano, they don't leave themselves many options. I mean he's no horse, but he might do something.

...For any other team, that Pavano deal would have sunk them for years to come...that was an awful contract in the making...and for anyone who was paying attention, it was able to be seen from a mile away...it just goes to show you that teams under revenue sharing and a good overall economy is sure to resign their quality pitching...

No point in trading Pavano when his value is at its absolute lowest. They might as well wait until spring training - even if he is very mediocre in his starts there, his value will go up.

Even though he has done nothing to earn his contract so far please Yankees trade another player who might give you innings this year. Anything that makes it easier for the Sox to kick you in the nuts and finally win the AL East. Have fun betting on Hughes to save your season while at the same time saying Beckett, Matsuzaka, Papelbon and Lester are all risks cause they havent proven they can handle the Al East.

Unless the Cards give up a ML ready player, I hope and pray they don't get him. He is just the kind of guy that Duncan works wonders for....well except for Mulder. But still, he has "Duncan Project" written all over him. I hope the Yankees ask for Chris Duncan...Doug M. is a good backup, and nothing more, I don't really see why his signing would prevent them from using him. Maybe not quite as much, but I would try for it if I were Cashman. Duncan is cheap and has considerable upside, and you would be taking away his greatest weakness by putting him at 1B, because he certainly isn't an MLB calibur OF, as far as Defense goes at least.

I would rather take on 15 mil over two years than give up any talent. Id say they will eat most of it, but it would take more talent such as duncan.

Pavano's value could drop this season if he can't get in some solid starts in spring. One slight injury and his value is shot.

No one is going to take on that contract. So whoever takes him will not have to give anything up. If the Yanks could give him away with his contract they would. It'll be a money dump with a throw-in.

Where are the Yankees in terms of the salary cap threshold? Don't they save like thirty cents on the dollar when they dump some of this money? Doesn't Clemens cost that much more at this point, to them?

That's the reason I can see them ridding themselves of as much of this as possible, otherwise, a dumb move for the Yanks. They might as well just hold on to him and see what they've got in ST.

*gasp* 3 yankee posts in a row.


That's not speculation, its fact. They want to limit his innings to somewhere around 170 this year.

With that said, I can't see them trading Pavano until midseason. Unless they plan to give someone like Clippard a shot when Rasner falters.

The yanks will not trade for Duncan. We have Doug M., Andy Phillips, and Josh Phelps all who play better defense than Duncan. They may not be the best at the plate but we dont need a big bat with all the surrounding talent. Unless Cashamn thought Duncan would be the future 1B (which is a ridiculous tought) he will not trade for him.

"Unless Cashamn thought Duncan would be the future 1B (which is a ridiculous tought) he will not trade for him."

Why would that be ridiculous?? Duncan has always been a 1B, its just that the Cardinals have a guy named Albert Pujols who is blocking him for a long time, because he is pretty good....Duncan IS a future 1B, and thats where he has the most value. His defense is not bad at 1b, its just that he can't play outfield. Of COARSE Cashman would see him as a future 1b, and he is better than all of the people you listed.

LMAO @ ArodSucksAtLife. Man you're a homer. Pavano isn't giving the Yanks innings, I still don't trust him at all. Nobody is betting on Hughes to save the season, where'd you get that idea? But, it's also very true that Beckett had a less than dominating season last year, Matsuzaka really is unproven at the ML level, Paps is unproven in the rotation, and the cancer has undoubtedly taken a lot out of Lester.

There is 0, may I repeat 0% chance the Cardinals trade Duncan for Pavano.

A) We don't need a starting pitcher that badly.

B) We are heavily relying on Duncan for power output this season.

C) Cubs Suck :)

Cancer has taken a lot out of Lester? It might be true, but thats based on nothing. It appears that he is actually in the best shape of his career.

I'm expecting Pavano to be pretty decent this year - league average or a little above. He's clearly talented and people forget he was very highly regarded as a prospect. I still contend that the signing was not a bad one (when you look at it at the time), just like the Kevin Brown acquisition was a good one. He had injury question marks, but who doesn't?

Anyway, like everyone else has said, trading him now makes no sense. And if he's pitching well in S/T, the Yankees are then in the position power - saying "He's pitching well, this is what we want - if you don't want to give it to us we can use the depth and are happy to keep him."

Hughes' impending arrival should have absolutely no bearing on what they do with Pavano, at least until June or so.

And as for Duncan, I agree the Yankees have no need for him, but he does have a decent amount of value. Of course I'd trade Pavano for him, depending on the amount of money involved. I'd just then try to spin him for a prospect or something.

Perhaps I should've said chemotherapy? I highly doubt that he's in the best shape of his career after undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

Even though he has done nothing to earn his contract so far please Yankees trade another player who """""might""""" give you innings this year.

Just ignore words in a sentence and draft your annoying response, please its amusing.

The Red Sox had someone they thought they didn't need the innings from last year, bye bye Bronson, Hello third place.

Last reports Lester is 8 lbs from his target weight, I believe he is already in Florida having reported early for Spring training. So I wouldn't go best shape of his life, but he is back up to where he needs to be.

I think Dunc could have a 30/90 season playing for the Yankees, with all of that protection, and a full season, and that short porch in right, he could be very dangerous over there.


I always find it funny reading ignorant posts from ignorant Red Sox and Yankee fans. First, Hughes is a lock to out-produce Pavano in 2007, and to think otherwise is plain foolish. Second, if the Yanks were to turn down a Pavano for Duncan deal, it might be one of the dumbest things they have ever done. Duncan's glove work at 1B is better than average. He's no Doug M, but he's also tons better than Giambi. And his bat would play extremely well in Yankee stadium. As nrmax88 points out, that short porch in RF would work well for him.

LMAO. Still an idiot homer... I see. It's quite clear that Pavano doesn't want to pitch for the Yanks, and they'll most likely ship him after he shows some kind of value in ST. So Bronson leaving resulted in the Sox finishing in 3rd place? LMAO, that's very retarded. Arroyo is a back-end starter in the AL, maybe the Jays improved their team and coupled w/ the injury bug the Sox caught at the end that put them in 3rd place? It's really funny that you used the word *might* in your original post to try and prove your point... when you sink that low, you've already lost the argument.

Dueche bag. 1 win between 2nd and 3rd. Bronson vs the rest of the crap we threw out there. Pretty sure he'd get us 1 more W.
Kyle fucking Snyder started 10 games for us.

Pavano got his big contract for a reason, the yankees have already shelled out 17 million bucks for what 4 wins? So yeah go ahead a trade a guy that you've already given a bunch of change to who could give you decent innings, for chris fucking duncan. You already booted RJ and his 200 innings, the rotation looks like crap and the last thing you should be doing is getting rid of anybody who even has the slightest chance of pitching for you.

But please go ahead, anything that might hurt the yankees I'm all for.

Eat a bullet.

LMAO. Cash would be stupid not to pull a Pavano for Duncan deal, thing is... he hasn't been offered it. What did Pavano provide last year? Not even a single inning, I think we can replace 0 innings pitched. Call me crazy, but I think we can do it. So what if you had Arroyo, you would've finished 2nd... does it really matter if you finish 2nd or 3rd... you know you aren't dethroning the Yanks. And it's not like you were close in the WC either. It really is humorous when you say that the Yanks are losing something if they deal Pavano, yeah, a big headache. His teammates hate him for God's sake.

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