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Rockies Sign Steve Finley

The Rockies signed center fielder Steve Finley to a minor league contract today.  He'll serve as Willy Taveras's backup.  The soon-to-be 42 year-old didn't do anything with the bat last year but still got 426 ABs for the Giants.

PECOTA sees him hitting .245/.318/.378 in 186 plate appearances, while ZiPS sees .227/.291/.335.  Finley's range in center is obviously diminished, but if he can outhit the PECOTA a little bit he'll be a fine backup.


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and in doing so, steve finley becomes the only player to "play" for every modern NL west team.

I really don't even see the point as to why they'd sign him. At least it was a minor league deal.

I agree Finley's defensive skills have gone down but, having watched him all year last year, here are the only CF's I'd put ahead of him(defensively) off the top of my head: Vernon, Andruw, Sizemore, Mathews Jr, Edmonds, Kotsay, Cameron, Beltran, and Rowand. If you consider Ichiro a CF then Ichiro as well.

No those guys weren't in any particular order...

Well, the guy he is backing up, Willy Taveras, has tremendous range in CF. I watched Finley in his prime, and he wasn't as good defensively as Taveras.

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