Heyman On Teixeira

With the trading deadline a mere two months away, we have to drum up some big names on which to speculate.  The advent of no-trade clauses and the valuation of young pitching seems to have resulted in fewer blockbusters.  Mark Teixeira seems to be this summer’s big name. 

We last speculated about Teixeira two weeks ago.  The Orioles and Nick Markakis were discussed, as well as the fit for the Angels.  The Nationals were seen as a long shot.  Jon Heyman has talked to some baseball execs on this topic, and he’s got more ideas.  Heyman adds the Red Sox, Yankees, and Dodgers to the mix as well.

The Yanks seemingly wouldn’t mind adding a major slugger at first base, and Heyman’s source doesn’t think they want Todd Helton.  But unless the Yanks revert to their old ways and trade The Franchise – Phil Hughes – a Teixeira acquisition seems unlikely.  The Yankees don’t have other elite pitching prospects.  They would have to go to more established players.  The Rangers don’t have a fit for Robinson Cano, though Chien-Ming Wang and his groundballing nature could work.

There’s no real reason for the Red Sox to give up the farm for Teixeira, unless they just want to keep him from the Yankees.  I don’t see it. 

The Dodgers I see as a strong player.  James Loney plus one of their top-rated starting pitching prospects and it’s a done deal.  I’m not sure Nomar can handle third base these days, but I don’t see that problem preventing a trade.   

Back to the Orioles – as much as Teixeira is dying to play for them, he’s not going to take a big discount and the price in young players will be high.  Then again, if the O’s could work something out involving Daniel Cabrera but not Markakis, that gamble could work for both clubs. 

The Angels are a fantastic fit, but when has Bill Stoneman ever made a trade like this?  I guess there’s a first time for everything.

Let’s not count out the Mets, Braves, or Tigers, either.

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