Wolf Hopes To Return To Dodgers In ’08

According to Dylan Hernandez of the Los Angeles Times, Randy Wolf would like to return to the Dodgers for the 2008 season.  Last winter, the Dodgers snagged Wolf on a below-market $8MM deal with a $9MM club option for ’08.  Wolf expects them to decline the option.  His season was abbreviated by shoulder surgery.

As Hernandez mentions, the Dodgers appear to be set with Brad Penny, Derek Lowe, Jason Schmidt, Chad Billingsley, and Esteban Loaiza for the ’08 rotation.  But how many times have we seen a team go all year starting only its Opening Day five?  Wolf at $4-5MM is an excellent signing.  He says he feels like he didn’t even have surgery.

The Dodgers should sign Wolf, and then use he or Loaiza in relief until a spot opens up.  Penny always wears down; maybe the Dodgers could use their sixth man to get him an extra day’s rest more often.  Billingsley might pitch around 150 innings this year, meaning you wouldn’t want to take him past 180 in ’08.  Loaiza and Schmidt are both obvious health risks.  Hopefully Ned Colletti doesn’t pass on a bargain-priced Wolf to add depth for ’08.

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