Braves’ Arbitration Plans

David O’Brien of the AJC writes about the Braves’ arbitration plans.

  • No arby for Andruw Jones, meaning no draft pick compensation.  Frank Wren must really have thought there was a chance Andruw accepts and they get "stuck" with him for one more year.  Would that really have been so bad?  Not sure I get this move.  Anyway Scott Miller lists the teams in need of a center fielder thusly: Rangers, Phillies, Padres, White Sox, Giants, Dodgers, Royals, and Orioles.  We could see the Rangers, Dodgers, or Royals signing Jones.
  • Ron Mahay will get offered arby, which he will certainly decline. So there’s some draft pick goodness there.
  • Curious who’s a Type A, who’s a Type B, and who’s nothin’?  Check out the free agent list.

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