Miguel Carbera To Drop Weight

Miguel Cabrera has spoken to LasMayores.com, the Spanish version of MLB.com. Mike Phillips of the Miami Herald relays the information. Apparently, Cabrera is at least saying that he plans to get into better shape this off-season so that he can "have the best season possible for the team [he ends] up on." He even says that he’s been at it for four weeks already.

This would help alleviate universal concerns regarding Cabrera’s weight and defensive ability. He’d like to stay with the NL because of his familiarity with it, but AL teams might be more interested, since they can move him to DH in the later years of a potential long-term contract.

"I’d like to stay at third, but if the team feels that it’s best for me and everyone that I play somewhere else, that’s what I’ll do,” Cabrera said. "I’d have no problem playing first, or even the outfield again, if that’s how I can help my team in 2008."

Cabrera ranked third to last for third basemen in Dave Pinto’s PMR, ahead of only Ryan Braun and Garrett Atkins, and second to last in Zone Rating, only to Braun. Dropping some weight might help things, but unless he’s taking 1,000 ground balls per day like Braun, he could still be a liability at the hot corner.

The Dodgers and the Angels, both with a bevy of young talent, remain the front runners in any potential Miggy trade.

Joe Pawlikowski is co-author of River Ave. Blues, a Yankees blog.

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