More On Mike Lowell

Michael Silverman has a little detail on Boston’s three-year offer to Mike Lowell: it’s between $12-15MM per season.  It’s all guaranteed, and it doesn’t seem to be a "take it or leave it" offer, but they won’t add a fourth year.  So it’s for $45MM on the high end.  If you agree with Jon Heyman’s 4/52 prediction, Lowell would be leaving a minimum of $7MM on the table.

Silverman adds that the Red Sox won’t go nuts trying to replace Lowell with a big name if things don’t work out.  They figure that if Kevin Youkilis can win a Gold Glove at first, he might be adequate at third base.  They peeked their head in on Miguel Cabrera and balked at the price of Jacoby Ellsbury and Clay BuchholzJoe Crede might be someone for the Sox to consider. 

The Yankees, Angels, and Phillies will be in on Lowell if he can’t come to an agreement with Boston.  However, Phils GM Pat Gillick has stated his focus is pitching rather than third base.

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