Phils Won’t Focus On Third Base

Third base was a gaping hole for the Phillies in 2007.  But because the team scored a lot of runs that year, GM Pat Gillick does not see the need to upgrade at the position.  Instead, he will focus on adding pitching whether via trade or free agency.

I have to say that I don’t agree with the logic.  Runs are runs, whether you score more of them or let in fewer.  The goal is to create the largest differential between runs scored and allowed, doesn’t matter whether you try to move the top or bottom line.  That’s my opinion at least.  I still think the Phils should acquire Joe Crede or Mike Lamb.  Trading for Crede might help prevent runs because of his fine glovework.  Another option for a defensive boost is Coco Crisp, who the Phillies reportedly like.

The Phillies are still intent on signing lefty reliever J.C. Romero before November 13th.  Hopefully it doesn’t take three years to sign Juan Carlos…the man has a major walk problem and his success was predicated on an unsustainable hit rate of 3.72 per nine innings.  Additionally the Phils have their eye on Colorado’s Brian Fuentes, who is signed next year for $3.5MM.

Though it’s easier to find a good reliever than a good starter, Brett Myers will stay in the pen for ’08.  With Curt Schilling off the table, Gillick could turn back to his buddy Kenny Williams to try to pry away Jon Garland or settle for Jose Contreras.  I imagine Contreras is starting to seem a bit more attractive to teams because they haven’t seen him pitch for a few months.

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