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Rangers Rumors: DeJesus, Lamb, Millar

Evan Grant writes for the Dallas Morning News, but he posted this column at night.  Go figure.  He's got some new info regarding the Rangers.

  • As you know, the Rangers have had difficulty finding a long-term center fielder.  That's the main focus of this offseason.  The team has already shown interest in Torii Hunter and Aaron Rowand, the top center fielders available.  Other free agents such as Andruw Jones and Mike Cameron appear to be in play as well.  Grant's trade candidates: Coco Crisp, David DeJesus, Mark Kotsay, and Carlos Beltran.  We've speculated on DeJesus to Atlanta in the past.  With DeJesus signed cheaply through 2011 and the market at the position robust this winter, it might make sense for Dayton Moore to wait a year to shop him aggressively.
  • Grant adds that Jon Daniels is considering some affordable options for first base.  They've already talked to Mike Lamb's agent and like Kevin Millar as well.  Lamb came up through the Rangers' system but was traded to the Yankees in '04.  Millar is under contract for '08 but it's in the $3-4MM range and the Orioles should be open to a trade.  Grant says Ben Broussard could pique the Rangers' interest if he's non-tendered.
  • Grant concludes with five Rangers whose names will be bandied about in trade talks: Gerald Laird, Vicente Padilla, Joaquin Arias, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, and Nelson Cruz.  Salty's not being shopped but Grant expects teams to ask.  He proposes some kind of bad contract swap for Padilla - Jason Giambi, Richie Sexson, or Adam Eaton are named.  I still think it's funny the way Padilla crawled away from the brawl he started this year. 


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Howard, Utley and Rollins? You mean possibly 3 out of the 5 MVP candidates under contract for a long time for a shortstop who can't hit for power, a "prospect", and a pitcher(albeit best in the game) signed through the end of the season. Sorry, isn't gonna happen.

However it does make me realize that the Phillies are a remote fit for Joe Nathan

Any chance the Jays get Lamb to play a bit of third base?

What would he cost? I'm thinking about 2 years/7-9 mil but I'm usually way off.

Dude stop putting that dumb Santana thing in the comments of every post.

I like Hatteberg for the Rangers

I still think that the braves and royals have a good scenerio working up for us to get dejesus. The royals have a need at second base for the future, even though german could probably be a nice option, and the braves have martin prado. Throw in a reliever, and maybe we have a deal. of course, that may be to cheap of a price for dejesus, but i still say he the braves centerfielder by the end of the winter meetings

What?...Prado's a AAA player and probably a future utilityman if he makes it. If I'm Dayton Moore I'm starting the conversation with Brent Lillibridge.

Well, i did mention that is probably to cheap of start. But, as i have mentioned before, do not forget that Dayton Moore reportedly took Kyle Davies over Wladimir Balentin for Octavio Dotel, and Prado has improved at the plate and has always been decent with the glove.

And i think you a overvaluing dejesus a bit, if lillbridge is traded, its has a piece of a puzzle to get a young starter such as blanton.

The Santana for Lester, Crisp and Bucholz rumor was on WEEI last night around 7 o'clock. I wanna say Nick Cafardo and Butch Sterns were on at the time.

Grant is a tough writer to figure out. At times he is in the know, and other times he comes up with items which seem pretty bizzare.

The best fit at 1B is Scott Hatteberg, as was mentioned above. No, he's not at his prime, but he at least would be a good fill-in before Chris Davis is ready, and could transition to DH in 2009. Lamb was already in Texas as a 3B, and doesn't fit now any more now than he did the first time - that move would be mocked by the fans.

As for the Padilla trade discussion, it would be a poor move IMO to move him in a salary dump. The guy can be decent (great, if you compare him to most pitchers in Arlington), and the Rangers need pitchers that can throw more than 140 innings - only one pitcher did that in 2007.

The OF could use work - the Rangers need three OFs, as they currently lead the majors in 4th OFs on the roster. Beltran is the only name mentioned that remotely fits, and even that is questionable. If Texas is going to talk to the Mets about an outfielder, the discussions should be about Martinez or Carlos Gomez. I know the Mets aren't likely looking to move them, but it appears they've got a surplus of OFs. Gerald Laird or Saltalamacchia, plus Joaquin Benoit and cash to help the Mets 2008 payroll (some newfound Arod money, perhaps)? Nah, Hicks making a commitment in cash to improve the talent of the team - what a silly thought.

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