Beckett Won’t Ask For Restructured Deal

Remember when Josh Beckett signed his three-year, $30MM extension on July 16th of 2006?  At the time of the signing, Beckett’s Boston career consisted of 114 innings of a 5.12 ERA.  Many considered the extension questionable.

A year and a half later, Beckett’s extension is a huge bargain.  He could easily get the same amount over two seasons.  There had been some concern that the Red Sox might trade for Johan Santana and pay him upward of $20MM per year, perturbing Beckett.

Rob Bradford was able to contact the gruff Beckett last night, and his salary doesn’t seem to be a concern.  Beckett knows plenty of pitchers had worse years in 2007 and made more money (Mike Mussina, for example).  He’ll get paid in line with his work starting with the 2010 season. 

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