Reds Interested In Tim Lincecum

UPDATE, 12-3-07 at 9:10pm:’s Mark Sheldon debunks this rumor, even though three different industry guys were pimping it.  The team is doing a lot of debunking this evening.  Hmm, that sounded dirty for some reason. 

FROM 12-3-07 at 3:51pm:

According to’s Jim Molony, the Reds are interested in the Giants’ Tim Lincecum (who isn’t).  Molony says the Reds won’t include Jay Bruce in any deal, however.  Why inquire then?  Why would the Giants give up their best player for anything less than the Reds’ top prospect?  I guess it didn’t hurt to ask. 

At any rate, it’s cool to see teams actually talking about even swaps of young players to fill their needs.  So many trades these days are really just poor teams dumping off expensive stars to the rich ones.

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