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Endy Chavez Signs For Two Years

The AP reports that the Mets signed fourth outfielder Endy Chavez to a two-year deal for $3.85MM.  Chavez will be 30 in February; he's spent time with the Royals, Nationals, and Phillies.  He has a career line of .271/.311/.375; he missed most of '07 with injuries.

The Mets have seven outfielders on the roster: Chavez, Moises Alou, Marlon Anderson, Carlos Beltran, Ryan Church, Carlos Gomez, and Angel Pagan.  I'm not sure why Omar Minaya decided to sign Chavez for two years when he seems to have a cheaper version in Pagan.  At any rate I wouldn't say that locking in Chavez for two years instead of one makes Gomez or Fernando Martinez any more or less likely to be traded. 


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Endy > Pagan

Not to mention he's a fan favorite. For that little amount of money, why not?

I do agree that we have too many OFers though. Gomez will either be dealt or tossed in AA/AAA. That leaves 6. Maybe Pagan starts the year at AAA.

Endy is beloved by Mets fans, I don't blame the Mets for making this deal at all.

Also, the way their outfielders went down like flies last year, I don't blame them for loading up. There was a significant overlap between injuries to all three starters (Beltran, Alou, Green) to go with three backups (Chavez, Gomez, Milledge).

Plus Marlon Anderson (and Damian Easley and Jose Valentin) are comfortable enough at multiple positions to be IF/OFers.

Right, the catch, the fans, etc. Do GMs really care about that stuff when making million dollar decisions?

who knows with Omar there Tim

I doubt any GM really cares about that stuff. However, in this case, you could easily argue that it was a good deal without using that stuff.

Endy is a sparkplug off the bench. Great pinch-runner, great bunter, great defense. He lacks power, but more than makes up for it with his other abilities.

Shitty signing but nothing Minaya does makes much sense. The Milledge trade was the most lopsided trade of the off-season.

Shitty signing? Care to back that up?

Let's not forget that Endy was considered THE best defensive outfielder in 2006 by BP or THT or one of those guys.

Of course GMs care about the popularity of players, so long as they put butts in the seats. Now whether Chavez will do that is another question, but I don't see this as a bad move. Chavez is borderline good enough to be a starter. If the Mets hang onto one of their younger guys like Gomez or Martinez and they turn into something while Chavez is around, he'd have some trade value for a team looking to add speed to their outfield or a defensive minded CF. It would be a question of whether to hang onto Chavez or Church. The only big difference between Endy and Coco Crisp is that Crisp hasn't been blocked by someone like Carlos Beltran.

As for the Milledge trade, you can say whatever you want, and time will tell, but anytime you get two proven regulars for one guy who's never seen everyday duty, it can't be THAT lopsided. I don't blame Minaya for wanting a guy like Church in RF instead. He's a good defensive player and an established headie hitter with gap power. You can't ask for much more out of your #7 hitter. As to whether Minaya could have gotten a more important piece elsewhere by dangling Milledge, maybe he could, maybe he couldn't. But the argument that Milledge was only a year removed from being a top prospect is ludicrous. His value was atrocious after all of his problems in 2006. There were people who wanted to dump him for nothing just to get him away from Flushing.

Its a shitty signing because he is taking up space on the 40-man roster. According to mlb.com the Mets currently have 7 outfielders on their 40-man roster? Carlos Gomez hasn't proven anything yet, but 1 would think he should at least be able to put up similar numbers to the punchless Endy Chavez, who owns a career ops of under 700.

"His value was atrocious after all of his problems in 2006."

Thats why he probably never should have been traded.

The problem isn't this signing. The problem was trading for Church. Why trade your surplus of OFers for another OFer. Chavez is a really good 4/5th OFer but now he is a 6th or 7th? I just don't understand the game plan here.

Endy is the fifth outfielder on the team, and he's perfect in that role. Now that Thrilledge is gone he's the only other viable center fielder the Mets have other than Beltran. If Gomez doesn't get traded he belongs in AAA getting at-bats instead of sitting on the pine in the big leagues.

Wouldn't Endy be considered the 4th OFer?

Marlon is capable of playing 2B and 1B, so it wouldn't make sense to use him as the 4th OFer.

On the other hand, Easley can play anywhere you put him, so that complicates things.


Still don't see your point. Two of those OF on the 40 man are Gomez and Pagan. The other five will be on the big league club. Its not like the Mets need to make room to protect someone, Rule V already went down. The only guy I'd be worried about for the 25-man is Gotay, but Easley and Marlon Anderson should be able to backup for the infielders pretty well and Gotay still has options. If the Mets do need to make room on the 40-man they can DFA Brian Stokes or Jason Vargas before having to worry about carrying too many outfielders, and even then the next guys you'd go to would be Pagan and Anderson Hernandez.

I think a lot of this is backlash from having so many injuries in the outfield last year. All three starters missed time to go with multiple backups (Chavez, Gomez, Milledge, Easley, Valentin).

"Its a shitty signing because he is taking up space on the 40-man roster. According to mlb.com the Mets currently have 7 outfielders on their 40-man roster? Carlos Gomez hasn't proven anything yet, but 1 would think he should at least be able to put up similar numbers to the punchless Endy Chavez, who owns a career ops of under 700."

Yeah, so lets let our 5 tool 21 year old sit on the bench as the 5th outfielder so we dont have to give Endy Chavez this unbelievably absurd, lucrative deal. This is going to hamstring the Mets til atleast 2011 or 12. You gotta be kidding.

I honestly cant believe there are people who think this is a bad signing. Endy gets into almost every game, replacing Alou in the late innings or pinch hitting or pinch running, and he is good at all of those things, not to mention he is one of the best outfielders in the league. Where is the downside here?

the only time fan popularity comes into play is if there would really be a negative backlash in trading a star or something. You can't disrupt things too much in that sense, but otherwise it should be about business.

I'm suprised how many people don't like the move.

First of all, Endy will be the 4th Outfielder. Gomez (Assuming he's still on the Mets) and Pagan seem likely to start the year in AAA waiting for Moises Alou's annual vacation, and Marlon Anderson is mainly on the roster as a pinch hitter (And when he does start, it's often in First or Second Base, he's more of a utility player then a Pure Outfielder).

Secondly, lets not forget that this is an Outfield where Moises Alou figures to miss at least 2 months because of some injury, Carlos Beltran eventually hurts his Quads each year, and Ryan Church may need some days off against Tough Lefties. Having alot of Outfield depth is imperative.

While Endy's career offensive numbers aren't too impressive, lets keep in mind that he's hit for about a .295 average the last 2 seasons combined. This is because the Mets coaching staff finally was able to convince him to try playing small ball. With that, he features the best Outfield Defense in the game (And that's not opinion, the Metrics back that up). He is constantly getting into games as a defensive replacement or even a pinch runner.

For 4 million over 2 years? It's worth every penny.

i did not want to see milledge go he would have been playing right field right now he could have had like a 20 hr 20 sb season he will eventually be good. he will turn 23 in april the mets should have just signed estrada or or olivo but have him say sorry for the incident with the mets.so mets line up would have been
jose reyes
luis castillo
carlos beltran
carlos delgado
david wright
moises alou
lastings milledge
olivo or estrada
and the mets keep milledge
who can be rf for yearss to come and gomez will be 2009 opening left fielder.
i wish that they wouldnt have traded milledge or gomez

who agrees with me

and fernando martinez will be ready just when beltrans deal with the mets ends and gomez can move to center and f mart to left what a bright future just cant trade it away

iknowtomuch, you're being a little optimistic, saying that all of Milledge, Gomez and Martinez will all pan out. The odds of 3 outfielders (one with character issues, one with doubts about his ability to hit at the MLB-level, and one who won't be MLB-ready for 2-3 years at least so its pretty much all projection on him) all panning out seem extremely low. I understand the angle you're taking, but you're also asking for a lot of luck i guess.

And considering the price you got Chavez for, I'm not really sure why any Met fan would complain. You've watched him before, you know the kind of quality skills he brings to the table. He's a fantastic 4th outfielder and a decent option as an injury replacement, which is always good when your starter is Moises Alou. And he's doing it all for like $1.6M a year, a small fraction of your large payroll.

Seems like a good idea to me. Gomez is not ready for consistent playing time in the majors yet anyways (he was rushed last year). Marlon Anderson kinda sucks and IMO belongs at 2B or something. Alou is a massive injury risk. Church is a platoon player. Pagan is decent but worse than Chavez. I think Beltran is probably the only lock in that lineup to be healthy and produce. Considering that how can you complain with this deal?

Seems like a bad move to me. Why? Because a lot of Chavez' value is due to his legs, and after an injury-plagued '07, I heard he just got hurt in winter ball (hammy?). A guy like Chavez can live on a year to year deal; there's no reason to sign him to a two year deal with the Mets are awash in outfielders.

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