Endy Chavez Signs For Two Years

The AP reports that the Mets signed fourth outfielder Endy Chavez to a two-year deal for $3.85MM.  Chavez will be 30 in February; he’s spent time with the Royals, Nationals, and Phillies.  He has a career line of .271/.311/.375; he missed most of ’07 with injuries.

The Mets have seven outfielders on the roster: Chavez, Moises Alou, Marlon Anderson, Carlos Beltran, Ryan Church, Carlos Gomez, and Angel Pagan.  I’m not sure why Omar Minaya decided to sign Chavez for two years when he seems to have a cheaper version in Pagan.  At any rate I wouldn’t say that locking in Chavez for two years instead of one makes Gomez or Fernando Martinez any more or less likely to be traded. 

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