Nathan Waits For Santana Resolution

The AP has some quotes today from Joe Nathan and his agent.

  • Whether he re-signs with the Twins or hits the free agent market after the ’08 season, Nathan isn’t playing for a discount again.  He said: I think we definitely gave them a really good deal this last time around. I felt I left quite a bit of money on the table, to be honest.  This time around, we expect it to be different.
  • Nathan’s agent expects the Twins to resolve the Johan Santana situation first.  They reached out to the Twins and had some conversations, but it didn’t go beyond that.  Now the ball is in the Twins’ court to come to Nathan and his agent.  Or, Nathan could be traded anytime between now and July 31st.
  • Nathan would like to pitch for seven or eight years.  As for his next deal, what do you think?  Four years, $60MM? 

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