Angels, Orioles Eyeing Barmes

TUESDAY: Add the Orioles as another team with Barmes on the radar.  Troy Renck says he’s not available despite the interest.  The O’s really need to get in a few more capable shortstop candidates, regardless.

MONDAY: Remember 2005, when Rockies shortstop Clint Barmes hit .329/.371/.516 through 51 games to start the season?  Then he was sidelined for two months with a broken clavicle from the infamous deer meat incident.  Maybe the hot-hitting was a simple fluke, but Barmes posted just a .584 OPS in 640 career ABs since coming back from the injury.  He lost his job to Troy Tulowitzki in the meantime.

The 29 year-old doesn’t have much of a role in Colorado, and he’s out of optionsAccording to Troy E. Renck of the Denver Post, the Angels have Barmes on the radar.  It’d be a nice situation for him, as the Angels’ current shortstops haven’t proven themselves as regulars yet.  I imagine a nondescript minor leaguer would be all the Rockies would want.

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