Manny Ramirez Rumors: Thursday

3:26pm: Many people are emailing saying Jon Heyman is reporting Manny to the Dodgers.

3:08pm: Aaaaaand…it’s dead again.

3:02pm: Rosenthal stirs things up: the three-headed Manny-Bay-Hermida deal is back on.

2:46pm: Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe says the three-way is dead, while the Dodgers are in play.  Gordon Edes of the Boston Globe says to count out the Dodgers on Manny.  Guess these guys aren’t cube-mates.

1:31pm: Heyman says the Dodgers are back in the mix for Manny but the Marlins aren’t out of it.

1:17pm: Nick Cafardo doesn’t buy the "dead" talk.  However, the Pirates may have turned away from the Boston-Florida scenario for Bay.  The Rays are still a possibility for him.

12:56pm: Rosenthal’s hearing this thing is dead.

11:49am: Rosenthal has a mixed opinion, with one source advising caution and another saying the deal is "taking off."  Manny is following the ordeal on ESPN.

More links: a Gordon Edes Q&A on the topic, and word from Yahoo’s Tim Brown that the Pirates are happy with their end of the deal.

11:46am: Peter Gammons says the three-way Manny deal is close to dead.  It may not make sense for Boston.

11:34am: A deal hasn’t been reached, though Manny has consented to a Florida trade.  Jon Heyman considers this a major hurdle cleared.

The Rays appear unlikely to make a trade, by the way.  Perhaps they’re cursed by their own loaded farm system.

11:29am: Will Carroll has an update.  The Pirates could back out Bay talks entirely if they don’t get what they want.  The Red Sox will continue shopping Manny regardless, with the Dodgers and a mystery team in the mix.  The Dodgers might be willing to part with Matt Kemp.

10:44am: Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe agrees – the Pirates’ return for Bay may be the holdup.

10:12am: Rosenthal says the three teams have a framework for the major players, but no agreement on the prospects.  The Bucs’ return from the Red Sox is the holdup.  Rosenthal says Tucker and Stanton will stay put, by the way.

9:37am: Kovacevic says the Pirates are open to trading Bay to the Red Sox or the Rays.

9:22am: ESPN’s Jayson Stark’s source has this at 50-50.  The Pirates are insisting on Stanton but the Marlins don’t want to give him up.  Grabow coud end up in Florida rather than Boston.  Tucker is in play but not a lock to be moved.

9:10am: Michael Silverman of the Boston Herald has a source saying chances of a deal are "less than 50-50."  Some members of Red Sox front office are not convinced Manny should be traded.  What do you think?  Are they better off with Bay and Grabow or Manny?

7:59am: Scott Miller of hears that Ryan Tucker and Mike Stanton would not be in the deal.  He says it’s not done and talks could still collapse.  By the way, the Pirates have tried to acquire Jeremy Hermida in the past.

7:17am: Here’s the latest on the Manny RamirezJason BayJeremy Hermida three-way deal talks.  At this time, the AP is saying there is no tentative agreement between the Red Sox, Pirates, and Marlins.

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