Rosenthal’s Latest: Teixeira, Burnett, Sherrill

Here’s the latest from Ken Rosenthal, who should probably take a vacation in August.

  • The D’Backs inquired on Mark Teixeira, but a trade is unlikely.  Tex might be the best available hitter, as Matt Holliday seems likely to stay put.
  • The Rockies scouted Nick Adenhart‘s last start.  The Angels have more interest in Brian Fuentes than Holliday.
  • Tons of scouts converged on Camden Yards last night to watch A.J. Burnett and George Sherrill pitch (those hoping to see Sherrill were disappointed).  The Cardinals, Phillies, Yankees, Brewers, Marlins, Dodgers, and Tigers all had scouts there to watch at least one of the pitchers. 
  • Rosenthal says trade interest in Burnett "remains minimal," as teams fear the pitcher’s contract.
  • The Orioles are taking a look at the Brewers’ Triple A team, but it is believed that they are reluctant to part with more prospects.
  • The A’s chose first baseman Chris Carter over Emilio Bonifacio in the Dan Haren trade.

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